Affiliate Marketing: As Cost Effective As It Gets

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising – like Google Adwords and Facebook – are getting more expensive all the time. While we invest heavily in Google Adwords ourselves here at LeadDyno, I can tell you that our click costs are constantly creeping up. Which means that next month, I know we’ll have to pay a little bit more to get the same results. Our affiliate program, on the other hand, is always profitable… because we pay our affiliates a commission based on the sales they bring us. Until they sell something, we don’t have to pay them anything. Affiliate marketing is also more scalable than pay-per-click (PPC) marketing. While there are a fixed number of relevant keywords that we (and you) can bid on and make money, there’s basically an unlimited amount of product that you can sell with affiliate partners.

A Quick “Plug and Play” With Your E-Commerce Provider

As you probably know by now, most affiliate tracking software is pretty complex to get setup! You won’t have any setup issues with LeadDyno. We designed it to be really easy to integrate with your website. Many of our E-Commerce integrations are “one-click.” For example, if you’re a Shopify store owner, you simply enter the URL of your store, give LeadDyno permission to connect with it, and you’re done. You simply do this once, and you’re ready to start rolling out links and marketing materials to your affiliates! We also provide complimentary setup help. We’re available to assist five days per week via phone, six days per week via live chat, and seven days per week via email.

Easy Marketing For Your Affiliates, Too

New prospective users often ask me how easy it is for their affiliate to share their link. It’s “stupid simple.” Here’s how it works… When your affiliates sign up with you, they’ll automatically receive an email from you welcoming them to your affiliate program. This email will contain their unique referral link. It will also contain a “one-click” login link to their Affiliate Dashboard. The Affiliate Dashboard is where your affiliate can share their link via email and social media with a single click. For example, when they click the Facebook button, they’ll automatically be forwarded over to Facebook, with a new post pre-populated, and their affiliate link already embedded! They can add a personal note or recommendation if they’d like – or they can simply click “Post” to get the message up on their Wall immediately. This “convenience factor” is huge. Affiliates are able to share their link early and often with their friends and colleagues. It really couldn’t be any easier. The Affiliate Dashboard is also where they can grab marketing materials like banner ads for their website or blog. The banners will already have their affiliate link embedded. So, your affiliate can simply copy the HTML and paste it to their site – or they can have their web developer do this for them.

Use LeadDyno to Track Online Marketing Success

Pay-per-click advertising is becoming increasingly expensive. With LeadDyno, you can use our affiliate program and gain a profitable commission without worrying about creeping costs. As one of the best tracking systems in the market, offering a comprehensive set of features, our software tracking program allows you to manage and observe results of your marketing endeavors. Providing complete information through the affiliate dashboard, LeadDyno’s customizable link tracking platform is easy to understand, responsive and effective. With the one-click sharing option, affiliates can now share their products on various social media platforms and integrate the plug-in on numerous e-commerce stores as well.

Use LeadDyno for Google Adwords Conversion Tracking, Too

I never really knew how Google Adwords was working for me until I began tracking conversions with LeadDyno. While I always used the conversion tracking pixel that Google provides, I always found it to be imperfect. That’s because I want to measure specific $$$ amounts and sales… while Google is only able to tell me if someone made it to a certain page. Like a sign up, or “thank you” page. That’s a good start – but I need more! Specifically, I need to know what somebody bought and/or signed up for… how much they purchased… and how long they stayed with us afterwards. This is easy to do with LeadDyno. All you need to do is create a new marketing campaign tracking link – as use this link as the Target URL within Adwords. Or, if you’re advertising on Facebook, just make sure the link that you provide Facebook with is a campaign tracking link from LeadDyno. Don’t just give Facebook the link to your homepage – give them this link instead. It’s pretty much the same thing as using an affiliate link to track the effectiveness of a specific marketing campaign. Because LeadDyno is already plugged into your website – and most importantly, your E-Commerce provider – you’ll have visibility into the entire sales funnel that was generated as a result of each specific advertising campaign you are tracking. I’ve been doing online marketing for the past decade, and I can tell you this is huge. It allows me to test campaigns quickly and easily. I’m able to let our winners run, and cut our losers short.

Phone Deal Re-loved

Phonedeal.co.uk is part of Data2020 Ltd established on August 2014. Phonedeal.co.uk helps customers to save hundreds of pounds by offering pre owned iPhones in immaculate condition like new. Phonedeal.co.uk works with various partners in the mobile industry to make iPhones available much cheaper than usual high street and online retailers.  We supply pre owned iPhones in immaculate condition that are as good as new and we work hard to keep our offers better than anyone else as well as consistency with our quality of products and services.Fayyaz Ahmed, Director of Phonedeal.co.uk explains: “My vision is to make latest gadgets available to everyone regardless of the high street price, I’ll bring it to consumers cheaper.”.

Phonedeal.co.uk – How it all started?

Our dedication and motivation continues to grow even everyday as we strive to maintain the level of service we have to our customers as well as our suppliers.

Our processes mean that we can offer our customers’ excellent prices as well as quick turnaround times. Our infrastructure is unique, allowing us to process an order and have it with a courier within 2 minutes of the order being completed. It is this level of service that has ensured we gain excellent customer feedback, as well as impressive customer retention.

We’re proud to be a one-stop shop for your iPhone, We work closely with a variety of suppliers to always ensure we have the latest iPhones available, continuously striving to be one step ahead to give our clients something new and exciting at affordable prices.

PhoneDeal is owned and operated by Data2020 Ltd, incorporated under England & Wales number 09190054


Our VAT Registration No is GB233 2391 33

We have displayed our VAT Number here for information purpose only. All products sold on “www.phonedeal.co.uk” are offered under 2nd hand VAT Margin Scheme.


Angerstein Business Park, 

Unit 4,

12 Horn Lane,


SE10 0RT


Angerstein Business Park, 

Unit 4, 12 Horn Lane,


SE10 0RT

Phone Deal

Earn some Extra Cash

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