Best Swim lap counter by Mia Russel

Do you lose track of the number of laps you have swum during a long set? Or do you like to know how many laps you have done after a workout? A lap counter is a great way to keep track of how many laps a swimmer has completed and are used regularly by swimmers, coaches, spectators, officials, and timers alike.

Many fitness trackers and heart rate monitor watches have a distance tracking function that measures the overall distance you have swum, however, there are some products on the market that are specifically designed to just count laps. Let’s take a look.

Lap counters keep track of how many laps a swimmer has completed. Swimming Lanes by agaumont / Flickr / (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

What is a Lap Counter?

Lap counters are devices used for keeping track of the number of laps swum and they can be used for tracking yards or meters in a practice workout or at a swim meet. There are three different types of lap counters: analog, digital, and manual.

Analog Lap Counters

Most analog lap counters are in the form of a swim watch. As well as being lap counters, fitness trackers and heart rate monitors have a variety of functions, including GPS capabilities, timing systems, and calorie counters. The lap counting function is built into the watch which makes it easy to see how many you have swum both during and after your workout. Analog lap counters are best for individual swimmers who want to keep track of their progress.

Digital Lap Counters

Digital lap counters are high-end, technical products that are usually combined with timing systems. These types of lap counters are used at competitive swim team practices and swim meets and have many functions beyond just counting laps. They have a countdown and workout option for a coach to organize a practice for larger swim teams and manually enter the intervals they want their swimmers to complete. The digital clock automatically signals when swimmers should go.

Manual Lap Counters

Manual counters are also known as tally counters and are operated by hand. These counters are operated by sliding a bead over the counter or clicking the device every time a swimmer completes a lap. Manual counters are the easiest, inexpensive, and most convenient lap counters to use and a great way to teach beginner or younger swimmers how to count laps.

Most analog lap counters are in the form of a
 swim watch

Best Swim Lap Counters

Let’s take a look at some of the best swim lap counters on the market from old-school tally counters to contemporary counters worn on your wrist like a watch.  

BEST FOR BUDGET: Aqua Tally Swimming Lap Counter

The Aqua Tally Swimming Lap Counter is an old-school lap counter that works like a charm. Designed to look like a lane rope, this simple lap counter is super easy to use and you can keep track of laps and sets in the water without having to wear a watch. It’s water-resistant, budget-friendly, and doesn’t require a user manual! It’s a fantastic lap counter for teaching young swimmers how to count laps.


  •         Simple design
  •         Easy to use
  •         Inexpensive  
  •         Water-resistant


  •         Not high-tech
  •         Can only count up to a certain amount of laps (depending on the number of beads)


The Kiefer Swim Lap Counter is a great lap counter for long-distance sets and races. This lap counter has 12 huge numbers, which are super easy to see under the water and from a distance. Made from heavy-duty plastic with sturdy hinges, it’s very durable and is strong enough to withstand hard knocks.

The Kiefer Swim Lap Counter counts odd numbers from one to sixty-nine. An orange panel is displayed after the final lap, which is a great motivation for swimmers.  


  •         Large numbers are easy to see under the water and from a distance
  •         Super sturdy and tough – very durable
  •         No batteries required!
  •         Inexpensive


  •         Users need to flip the numbers manually after each lap
  •         Not as easy to use as other lap counters
  •         Only suitable for racing or distance swimming

Kiefer Swim Lap CounterGet the Latest Price

RISE Handle Adapter

The RISE Handle Adapter lap counter is a simply designed lap counter that can be managed using a pole to avoid getting wet arms or sleeves. Swimmers can change the numbers themselves if need be and the lap counter is super sturdy and durable.


  •         Strong, sturdy, and reliable
  •         Easy to see in the water
  •         No more wet sleeves for the person holding the lap counter


  •         Only comes with a pole attachment – the pole is not included

Kiefer Swim Lap CounterGet the Latest Price

Horsky Clicker Tally Counter

The Horsky Clicker Tally Counter is a mechanical lap counter made from stainless steel that is ideally designed for coaches to use to count laps across a variety of sports activities. The lap counter is simple to use, small and easy to hold in one hand, and no batteries are required. The device can count up to 9,999 laps and it’s a great tool for teaching kids to count.


  •         Lightweight and comfortable
  •         No batteries required
  •         Counts up to 9,999 laps
  •         Suitable for a range of sports activities
  •         Durable and strong


  •         The button sometimes get stuck

Horsky Clicker Tally CounterGet the Latest Price

Digi 1st Tally

Originally made for baseball, the Digi 1st Tally can also be used to count swim laps as it has a large and easy-to-read LCD and it counts up to 9,999 laps. It can count up and down and has a  loud beep confirmation for laps counted.

This lightweight device is suitable for coaches who want to count laps for swimmers, or swimmers who are happy to leave the lap counter on the pool deck and count their laps at the end of every length. It has a convenient lock feature that prevents accidental modification and an auto-sleep mode saves battery power.


  •         Super lightweight and easy to use
  •         Counts up to 9,999 and can count up and down
  •         Both audible beep mode or silent mode
  •         An auto-sleep mode saves battery power
  •         Convenient lock feature


  •         Doesn’t have a backlight display for use in dark environments

Digi 1st TallyGet the Latest Price


SportCount Swim Lap Counter

The SportCount Swim Lap Counter is a wearable lap counter that fits your finger. It has an ergonomic design that makes it fairly hydrodynamic and an easy-to-see LCD. Laps are counted by pressing the button below the LCD and if the lap counter is on your forefinger, you can easily do this with a little flick with your thumb.

The device is lightweight and waterproof and has an adjustable strap that provides a comfortable and secure fit around the finger. The lap counter counts up to 9,999 laps.


  •         Simple, hydrodynamic design
  •         Adjustable strap for a comfortable fit
  •         Easy to use
  •         Counts up to 9,999 laps


  •         Small screen
  •         It may take some getting used to

SportCount Swim Lap CounterGet the Latest Price

SportCount 200 Swim Lap Counter & Timer

The SportCount 200 Lap Counter & Timer is the next model up from the SportCount Swim Lap Counter and adds timing to its main function of counting laps. Featuring the same design and adjustable finger strap, this device not only counts laps, but also records the fastest and slowest splits, the average pace you held throughout your swim, and the overall time of your swim. It has an excellent onboard memory that can up to 200 splits or lap times.

It is water-resistant up to 165 feet / 50 meters and can be paused at any time during a workout. The lap counter has a small nickel battery with a long life. 


  •         Counts laps and records times and splits
  •         On-board memory holds up to 200 splits or lap times
  •         Simple, hydrodynamic design
  •         Adjustable strap for a comfortable fit
  •         Water-resistant to 165 ft / 50 m
  •         Long battery life


  •         Small screen
  •         It may take some getting used to

SportCount 200 Lap Counter & TimerGet the Latest Price

SportCount Chrono 200

Like the previous models of SportCount lap counters, the SportCount Chrono 200 is a fantastic little lap counter that can be worn on your finger while you are swimming. This model offers the added extra feature of timing and can record your fastest and slowest laps in addition to recording up to two hundred individual laps. It has a count limit of 999 laps and is very easy to use.

One of the best features of the SportCount Chrono 200 is that it can help you keep track of your fastest and slowest laps and at the end of your workout in the pool, you can determine which laps were your fastest and slowest. You can also work out the average time you spend on each lap.

The SportCount Chrono 200 is very lightweight and fits comfortably on whichever finger you prefer to use and it only requires one hand for operation.


  •         Counts laps and records times and splits
  •         On-board memory holds up to 200 splits or lap times
  •         Simple, hydrodynamic design
  •         Adjustable strap for a comfortable fit
  •         Water-resistant to 165 ft / 50 m
  •         Good battery life


  •         Can only record a limited number of laps
  •         Small screen
  •         It may take some getting used to
  •         The battery life is not as long as the basic SportCount Lap Counter / SportCount 200 Swim Lap Counter & Timer

SportCount Chrono 200Get the Latest Price

FORM Swim Goggles

FORM Swim Goggles take lap counting to the next level and display your laps, splits, overall time, pace, stroke rate, and heart rate right in front of your eyes – quite literally! The goggles have a smart display on the inside lens of the goggles that delivers information from 12 customizable metrics ranging from distance to swim pace per 100, so you can see everything while you are swimming without missing a beat. The goggles are also compatible with the Polar OH1 and OH+1 heart rate monitors, Garmin smartwatches, and Apple Watch for live heart rate metrics.

FORM Swim Goggles have comfy silicone straps, replaceable silicone eye seals, a permanent chemical-resistant anti-fog coating, and are very comfortable to wear. They work well in both indoor and outdoor swimming pools – sunshine doesn’t affect the display in any way, and the battery lasts for about 16 hours. They are waterproof for up to 32 feet (10 meters) and have a one-year limited warranty.


  •         The smart display shows information from 12 customizable metrics
  •         Comfortable, hydrodynamic design
  •         Adjustable silicone straps for a comfortable fit
  •         Replaceable silicone eye seals
  •         Permanent chemical-resistant anti-fog coating
  •         Water-resistant to 32 ft / 10 m
  •         16-hour battery life
  •         Compatible with the Polar OH1, OH+1 heart rate monitors, Garmin smartwatches, and Apple Watch
  •         Suitable for both indoor and outdoor swimming


  •         Can be distracting while swimming
  •         Expensive

FORM Swim GogglesGet the Latest Price

Misfit Shine 2 Swimmer’s Edition

The Misfit Shine 2 Swimmer’s Edition is a wrist-strap that covers lap counting, activity tracking, and everything in between! This sleek, beautifully designed lap counter boasts advanced features such as swim lap and activity tracking, smart button connectivity, call, and text alerts, and vibration notifications.

Made of durable aircraft-grade aluminum, the Misfit Shine 2 Swimmer’s Edition offers a swimmer’s lap counter, swim distance, a timer countdown, calories, and light and restful sleep. Designed for non-stop wear, the Misfit Shine 2 Swimmer’s Edition has replaceable batteries that last up to six months and features a multicolor LED display and vibration motor, movement reminders, and smart alarms.

Validated by Speedo’s Aqualab, Misfit Shine 2 Swimmer’s Edition is compatible with the Speedo Fit app for water-based tracking and the Misfit App for dryland exercise tracking such as steps taken, calories burned, and distance traveled. The device also automatically monitors your sleep.


  •         Made from durable aircraft-grade aluminum
  •         Variety of features from lap counting to activity tracking both in the water and on land
  •         Multicolor LED display
  •         Automatically monitors your sleep
  •         Six-month battery life


  •         It doesn’t tell the time

Misfit Shine 2 Swimmer’s EditionGet the Latest Price

Swimovate PoolMate2 Swim Sports Watch

The Swimovate PoolMate2 Swim Sports Watch is another great wristwatch-style lap counter with a sleek stylish design and some awesome features. If you don’t want to fiddle around with buttons and settings, the Swimovate PoolMate2 Swim Sports Watch is a good option for you as it is very simple to operate and super easy to read.

It detects and counts the number of laps swum, the stroke you are swimming, the number of strokes you have taken per lap, and your pace over each lap. It can store up to 400 workouts in its internal memory, and also measures the distance covered, calories burned, and more. It also has a stopwatch and timer function that can be used in and out of the pool if you need it. It is water-resistant for up to 50 meters and works well in both 25m and 50m pools.


  •         Great design and comfortable to wear
  •         Easy to operate
  •         Variety of functions including a stopwatch and Chrono timer
  •         Can hold up to 200 session
  •         Water-resistant to 165 ft / 50 m


  •         It doesn’t connect to a laptop/computer so you can’t download your workouts
  •         Data must be recorded manually

Swimovate PoolMate2 Swim Sports WatchGet the Latest Price

Fitbit Ionic Watch

The Fitbit Ionic is the best waterproof Fitbit for swimming on the market as it is designed for swimmers with advanced swim tracking capabilities. It features a built-in GPS that automatically starts tracking your workout whether you are in the pool or running on land and a swim mode that allows you to track your stroke style and laps.

The Ionic is water-resistant up to 165 feet / 50 meters and tracks resting and working heart rate through the PurePulse Heart Rate feature, as well as cardio fitness level, calories burned, and sleep stages. It synchronizes with a host of devices from Mac OS to Android and Windows from up to 30 feet away.

The watch is compatible with most Bluetooth headphones and stores and plays up to 300 songs from Pandora, so you can work out to your favorite tunes. It has a tough, durable screen corning made from Gorilla Glass 3 which makes it scratch and damage-resistant. The battery lasts up to four days, but this depends on the features being used – GPS will use more battery than other features.

You can personalize your watch with an array of third-party accessories, ranging from customized accessory bands to clock faces, and it comes with two different size bands – one large and small.


  •         Advanced swim tracking capabilities
  •         Automatic GPS tracking
  •         PurePulse Heart Rate measures working and resting heart rate
  •         Compatible with most Bluetooth headphones
  •         Damage-resistant Gorilla Glass 3 screen


  •         Short battery life
  •         Only compatible with Pandora
  •         Expensive

SALEFitbit IconicGet the Latest Price

Timex Ironman Classic

The Timex Ironman Classic is a great wearable swimming lap counter that offers a range of other features that can help you improve your performance in the pool. Endorsed by world-renowned triathlon brand, Ironman, the Timex Ironman Classic is suitable for both triathletes and swimmers and provides a host of awesome features.

The watch is water-resistant for up to 100m and features include a lap counter, timing functions, and alarm modes and it is sturdy and durable. The Ironman 50 or 100 models offer slightly better features such as a bit higher lap count range, and more technical timing functions.


  •         Comfortable to wear
  •         Variety of functions including lap counter, stopwatch, and Chrono timer
  •         Water-resistant to 230 ft / 100 m


  •         It lacks computer connectivity for post-workout analytics

SALETimex Ironman ClassicGet the Latest Price

Final Thoughts

Lap counters are excellent devices to add to your swim bag if you have trouble remembering the number of laps you have done or need a counter during a race. From basic tally counters to high-tech digital counters and timers, you won’t be hard-pressed to find a great lap counter for your next swim.

Happy swimming!

Solar Powered Crypto Mining with Raspberry Pi

Learn how to create a solar-powered cryptocurrency “mining rig” with cloud-based reporting on a Raspberry Pi using a PiJuice and Notecard

Things used in this project

Hardware components
Raspberry Pi 4 Model BRaspberry Pi 4 Model B×1
PiJuice HATPiJuice HAT×1
Raspberry Pi Starter KitBlues Wireless Raspberry Pi Starter Kit×1
42W Solar Array×1
Software apps and online services
Notehub.ioBlues Wireless


So you’re ready to cash in on this cryptocurrency thing, but you’re also concerned about the electricity consumed in order to mine your own crypto?

Well, I have good news and bad news for you.

The good news is cryptocurrency mining on solar power is entirely possible. In fact, you could argue it’s critical for the sustainability of cryptocurrency (and other Blockchain-related) activities. According to the Sierra Club the annual power consumption of Bitcoin-related activities alone is comparable to a country the size of Argentina. Not to mention the associated production of 37+ megatons of CO2 each year.

The bad news? Considering the raw power requirements for cryptocurrency mining AND the fact that we’re going to use a Raspberry Pi SBC for this project, we probably won’t be rolling like Scrooge McDuck any time soon.

Is this prospect of crypto mining with a Raspberry Pi as ridiculous as it sounds? Probably! But let’s not let reason stop us from building something fun.

Get Your Mining Tools Ready

You’ve likely heard the phrase, “sunk cost fallacy”. This is the concept of throwing good money at a bad idea, only because you’ve already invested money in said bad idea.

In an ideal scenario, we aren’t investing new hardware in crypto mining. Existing hardware is a “sunk cost”, because we already own it. If we can collectively pretend this is the case, let’s take a look at how we’re going to build out a crypto miner on a Raspberry Pi 4 Model B and collect some virtual coin.

Juice for the Pi

We want this solution to function in perpetuity without manual intervention, so running our RPi exclusively off of solar is a non-starter. Powering anything that requires consistent voltage off of solar directly is a bad idea, what, with nights and cloudy days to consider.

This is where a cool little product called the PiJuice comes into play.

PiJuice is a Pi HAT with an onboard 1820mAh battery and a micro-USB connector for managing a solar array. With the PiJuice software, we can define battery charge levels at which to gracefully shutdown and boot up our RPi.

Using the PiJuice calculator, it looks like we can expect at best 1.34 hours of runtime on a Raspberry Pi 4 off the provided battery alone. Maxing out the CPU on crypto mining will likely result in far less time.

Powered by the Sun

With the PiJuice in place for power management, we’ll then want a sizable solar array to charge the battery on sunny days. I already had a 42w solar array from when I built a remotely-running ML bird identification system.

Since the array has a micro USB connector, I can connect it directly to the PiJuice HAT. It’s really as simple as that!

Connecting a 42W solar array to the PiJuice HAT

Connecting a 42W solar array to the PiJuice HAT

Phone Home with Cellular

Cellular? What does cellular networking have to do with this project?

Since this project involves running a headless RPi, I’ll have no immediate visual indication of how mining is progressing. So, I’d like to create a cloud-based dashboard of the hash rates generated by my RPi and chart them over time.

I also like the fact that cellular networking makes any cloud-connected project portable!

To accomplish this, I’m going to use the Notecard from Blues Wireless. It’s a cellular and GPS-enabled device-to-cloud data-pump that comes with 500 MB of data and 10 years of cellular for $49.

Blues Wireless Notecard for Cellular

Blues Wireless Notecard for Cellular

The Notecard itself is a tiny 30mm x 34mm SoM with an m.2 connector. To make integration in an existing project easier, Blues Wireless provides host boards called Notecarriers. I’ll be using the Notecarrier Pi HAT for this project.

Also, the Notecard ships preconfigured to communicate with, which enables secure data flow from device-to-cloud. Notecards are assigned to a project in Notehub. Notehub can then route data from these projects to your cloud of choice (e.g. AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, among others).

Enable Your Virtual Pick Axe

With both the Notecarrier-Pi HAT and the PiJuice HAT installed properly on the Raspberry Pi, we are ready to begin software setup.

As with any Raspberry Pi project, it’s a good idea to make sure all of your installed packages are up-to-date:

sudo apt update
sudo apt full-upgrade
sudo apt-get clean

Next, install the PiJuice software:

sudo apt-get install pijuice-gui

Reboot your Raspberry Pi and then head to Preferences > PiJuice Settings.

Click the Configure HAT button and make sure the correct battery on your PiJuice is selected in the Battery tab:

Next, we’ll want to create two new System Tasks. One to shut down the RPi when the charge is too low and one to boot it up when the battery has enough charge again.

Change Wakeup on charge to a high value (I’m using 80%) and Minimum charge to a low value (I’m using 10%).

Configure the Miner

Mining cryptocurrency is nothing new, so we can use one of a variety of Linux-compatible CLI crypto miners. I also decided to mine Monero, which is a cryptocurrency that is still (in theory) profitable to mine with a CPU only.

To start, we need to install raspbian-nspawn-64, which requires you to be on the 64-bit kernel of Raspbian.

sudo apt-get install -y raspbian-nspawn-64

NOTE: If you’re not using the official 64-bit kernel, you will be prompted to enable it.

Next, issue the following command to start using the 64-bit container:


Now we need to install our miner, XMRig, from within this 64-bit shell. Install all of the build dependencies:

sudo apt-get install git build-essential cmake libuv1-dev libssl-dev libhwloc-dev

Clone the XMRig repo locally:

git clone

Issue the following commands to complete the build (note that the build/make steps may take some time):

cd xmrig
mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..

Now we can create a config.json file to specify some configuration options for the miner.

Use the XMRig configuration wizard to create a starter config file for you. Mine ended up looking like this:

"autosave": true,
"cpu": true,
"opencl": false,
"cuda": false,
"pools": [
"url": "",
"pass": "RPi",
"keepalive": true,
"tls": true

NOTE: You can create your own wallet ID by installing a Monero wallet locally.

In order to enable logging, add the following line to the JSON object:

"log-file": "/home/pi/Documents/apps/xmrig/build/log.txt",

Save this as config.json in your build directory and create an empty log.txt file in the same directory.

If you’d like, you can test out your miner now with this command:

./xmrig -c "config.json"

Assuming everything is working properly, you should start seeing some activity in your terminal window:

To the Cloud!

Now that we’ve proven our mining software functions, we’ll want an easy way to monitor the production of our “mining rig”.

By now the log.txt file should have a healthy set of data. Let’s write a short Python script that will read the log on a periodic basis and pump relevant data to the cloud.

Back on the Raspberry Pi (NOT in the 64-bit container), install python-periphery (for I2C), python-dateutil (for working with dates), and note-python (for interfacing with the Notecard):

pip3 install python-periphery
pip3 install python-dateutil
pip3 install note-python

NOTE: The full Python source is available here on GitHub!

In a new Python file, we’ll want to do three things:

  • Init the Notecard and prepare it for cloud communications.
  • Loop through the log file, checking for data we want to report.
  • Send an event (a.k.a. a “note”) to the cloud.

We initialize the Notecard by specifying a productUID (which is the name of a Notehub project that we’ll create in a minute) and setting the cellular connection mode to continuous.

Normally in battery-conscious environments you would use periodic mode to reduce the frequency of cellular connections. However, in this project, the draw of our cellular modem is the least of our concerns since the mining software is going to use the vast majority of our battery.

productUID = keys.PRODUCT_UID
port = I2C("/dev/i2c-1")
card = notecard.OpenI2C(port, 0, 0)
req = {"req": "hub.set"}
req["product"] = productUID
req["mode"] = "continuous"
rsp = card.Transaction(req)

Here is an example of a log file line that contains the 10s hash rate (along with a timestamp):

[2021-04-20 14:55:02.085]  miner    speed 10s/60s/15m 77.37 76.91 n/a H/s max 77.87 H/s

Our main function will iterate through the log file to identify data that is relevant to the dashboard we are trying to create. For this project I only care about the ongoing hash rate of my miner.

def main(start_timestamp):
""" loops through log file to get crypto hash rate """

with open("/home/pi/Documents/apps/xmrig/build/log.txt") as fp:
lines = fp.readlines()

for line in lines:
# check if this line starts with a valid date and contains "miner"
line_timestamp = line[1:19]
if is_date(line_timestamp) and "miner" in line:
dt = datetime.strptime(line_timestamp, '%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S')
if dt >= start_timestamp:
send_note(line, dt)

time.sleep(60) # check again in 1 minute
main( - timedelta(minutes=1))

Finally, we want to send relevant data to the cloud:

def send_note(line, dt):
""" extract 10s H/s value from log and send to """
hash_rate = line[54:line.find(" ", 54) - 1]
ms_time = dt.timestamp() * 1000

req = {"req": "note.add"}
req["file"] = "crypto.qo"
req["body"] = {"rate": hash_rate, "time": ms_time}
req["sync"] = True
rsp = card.Transaction(req)

A discerning eye will notice that everything into and out of the Notecard is JSON-based, making it incredibly developer-friendly.

For example, the generated JSON from the above note.add request might look something like this:


Save the Python script and a file into the same directory as the log.txt file.

Device to Dashboard

Recall that Notehub enables synchronization of data between your device and the cloud.

To get started with a free Notehub account:

  • Navigate to and login, or create a new account.
  • Using the New Project card, give your project a name and ProductUID.
  • Copy that ProductUID and enter it in
  • PRODUCT_UID = “”

That’s it! When the Python script runs, Notecard will associate itself with this Notehub project. Any notes (events) you send will show up in the Events panel when received:

Next, we want to route our data to a cloud dashboard. I’ve used Ubidots in the past with success, so I created a new route from Notehub to Ubidots.

You can view full instructions for creating a Notehub to Ubidots route here.


Since our Raspberry Pi will be cycling between on and off states (depending on the battery charge), we will want to make sure our miner and Python script also start on boot.

You can find the instructions on how to use systemd to automatically run xmrig and the Python script on the Raspberry Pi forum.

For reference, here are the two service files I had to create:


ExecStart=/usr/bin/ds64-run /home/pi/Documents/apps/xmrig/build/xmrig -c "config.json"




ExecStart=/usr/bin/python3 /home/pi/Documents/apps/xmrig/build/


Drumroll Please

And what happened when I deployed this off-grid? Well, it’s another good news, bad news situation!

The good news? Technically speaking, the project worked. With my data actively routing to Ubidots, I was able to create a dashboard to view my results over time:

The bad news? It was clear that I wasn’t going to get too much mining done on a 1820 mAh battery. In fact, I averaged less than an hour of mining before the PiJuice stepped in to shut things down (at least until the solar array was able to charge the battery back up a bit).

What about the elephant in the room? How much Monero was I able to earn? After running the miner for a few hours total, I pulled in a whopping 0.00000178 Monero.

That’s…$0.0007 in USD.

So maybe we won’t be getting rich on crypto with the Raspberry Pi. In fact, I would highly recommend avoiding crypto mining at all, unless you have access to clean energy. #EarthDay and all.

I do hope, however, you’re able to use the PiJuice and Notecard in a future solar-powered project!



xmrig / xmrig


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10 garden and landscaping tips for small areas

Do you have a small garden or courtyard? There are plenty of strategies that you can use to spruce up your outdoor space. With some extra attention, you can create a comfortable outdoor area to enjoy during the warmer months. Find affordable pots, plants, and gardening equipment on Junk Mail today.

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1. Stick to a single style and use the right landscaping materials

what style you would like to incorporate and whether it will compliment your
house. Choose a maximum of three landscaping materials and use them
consistently throughout your garden.
You can match the landscaping materials to the materials your house is built
from. This will help make the space feel larger.

2. Use large pots and avoid clutter

Invest in a few large pots and fill them with a variety of plants. If you have lots of small pots, it can make the area seem cluttered. Choose the same type of pots for a stylish look you’ll love. By reducing the clutter in your outdoor area, it will make your garden seem bigger.

3. Don’t make use of too many colours

too many colours in your garden
will make the space feel cluttered. Use neutral colours with a few accent
colours. This includes plants, furniture, walls, art, etc. Also, be consistent
with the neutral colours you use.

muted colours, plants
Photo credit – Stephanie Krist on Unsplash

4. Add mirrors in your garden

a sense of spaciousness in your garden by adding mirrors. Not only do mirrors make your outdoor
space appear bigger, but they also add interest to your garden. When properly positioned, they can
maximise on the natural light. Position the mirrors so that they reflect your
plants, which are the most attractive aspect of your garden.

5. Build a vertical garden

in a confined space? A vertical garden is a simple solution to small outdoor spaces. You can
build your garden
up a wall, which creates an attractive feature, or build it on pallets so you
have the ability to move them around. You can repurpose an old ladder to create
vertical shelving outdoors. Once you’ve got the structure right, you can add
small pot plants and baskets to your vertical garden.

Vertical garden
Photo credit – Daderot on Wiki Commons

6. Vary the heights of your plants

because you have a small garden,
doesn’t mean that you should only buy small plants. Add in taller plants and
draw people’s attention upwards. Creepers also give your garden a new dimension by
growing across arches and over walls. You can plant smaller trees that will
create a focal point, but not take up so much space that it will make the area
feel smaller.

7. Add blue plants to the borders

blue flowers at the edges of your outdoor area to create a sense of space. Blue
fades into the distance, similar to the horizon. Lavender and agapanthus are
the perfect choices for this purpose. Avoid planting red flowers at the borders
as they have the opposite effect by appearing to be closer than they really
are. This tip will depend on the style you’re going for and the colours you
want to incorporate.

blue flowers
Photo credit: Daria Nepriakhina

8. Divide up your space

up spaces gives your garden
a cleaner look and focal points instead of letting everything flow into one

9. Combine storage and style

can create stylish benches that serve as storing and seating space while still
suiting the style of your garden.
You can also decide on the dimensions and build it to suit your garden perfectly.

10. Include a birdbath in your garden

birdbath can be a nice accent to your garden, even if it’s a small one, and it also serves
a much bigger purpose. As humans, we tend to focus on what we like and want and
forget about nature. This addition is about sharing your beautiful garden with
birds, bees, and other insects. It gives them the opportunity to drink water so
that they can carry on with their day. You can use the birdbath as a focal
point and even make it part of a water feature.

garden, bird bath
Photo credit – Trevor McKinnon on Unsplash

Implement our tips and transform your small garden into a relaxing outdoor area where you can soak up the sunshine. Visit Junk Mail today to find affordable pots, plants, and gardening equipment.

Nero Mobility’s mobile cold room and freezer solutions

Invest in a Nero Mobility mobile cold room and get the ultimate chilling solution for your business. From affordability to precise temperature control, there are plenty of advantages to owning one of these units. The versatility of mobile cold and freezer rooms makes them well-suited to a wide range of applications. Find Nero Mobility mobile cold rooms for sale on Junk Mail today and enjoy great savings.

Nero Mobility | Mobile Cold Room Manufacturers | Junk Mail

What is a mobile cold room?

cold room is used to store products in an environment that is cooler than the
temperature outside. This chilled area is great for keeping fruit, vegetables
and meat fresh. A mobile unit allows you to keep your products cool in any
location that you choose.

What can they be used for?

  • Weddings
    and funerals
  • Catering
  • Traditional
  • Music
  • Private
  • Markets
  • Storing
    ice cubes
  • Transporting
    meat and vegetables
  • Storing
  • And
    much more

Benefits of investing in a mobile cold room

  • Mobility

A mobile cold room is a
great investment for caterers and event planners. Their mobility means that you
can take them with you whenever you need a cool environment to store your goods
in. It’s easy to attach the unit to your vehicle and transport it to your

  • Versatility

versatility of mobile cold
rooms adds to their appeal. They can be used for a variety of purposes,
so you’ll enjoy a wide range of business opportunities when you own a mobile cold
room or freezer. You can use them to keep wedding flowers cool, transport food
from one place to another, use them as cool storage units at festivals, and so
much more. With a wide range of different-sized units to choose from, it’s easy
to find an option that meets your requirements precisely.

  • Precise control

you own a mobile cold room,
it’s simple to keep goods at the exact temperature that is required. You’ll be able
to maintain a consistent temperature that’s ideal for the goods that you have
in storage.

Tips on how to take care of your mobile cold room

  • Proper storage

the goods in your mobile cold
room or freezer organised and don’t place any items near the fans. While
a full unit works more efficiently, overstocking places unnecessary strain on the
unit. Make sure you keep the door closed when you’re not using the cold room.

  • Keep the unit clean

hygiene is vital when you’re using a mobile cold room. Clean spillages immediately and throw away any
spoiled items. Keep the floor dry to avoid ice from building up.

  • Maintain a consistent temperature

goods from going off by maintaining a temperature of between 0 – 5 degrees
Celsius inside the unit. If the temperature rises above 5 Celsius, there is an
increased chance of exposure to harmful bacteria.

What Nero Mobility can offer you

Nero Mobility uses their expertise to manufacture mobile cold rooms and freezers. Their high-quality units are constructed from 75mm panels as well as a steel chassis. With a wide range of sizes to choose from, you can pick the unit that’s the best match for your business. You’ll benefit from owning their reliable cold freezers as these units make it convenient to keep your goods cool. From weddings to ice cube storage, there are plenty of uses for these mobile storage solutions.

Optional extras Nero Mobility can add to your mobile cold room or freezer:

  • Additional
    meat rails
  • Meat
    S hooks (light-duty 150mm)
  • Meat
    S hooks (heavy-duty 200mm)
  • Meat
    S hooks (extra heavy-duty 250 mm)
  • Spare
    wheel and rim
  • 3-layer
    shelves (1 500mm x 760mm x 380mm)
  • Generator
    slotting bracket (without generator)
  • 2.5
    KVA petrol generator fitted on the trailer with brackets
  • Signage/branding
  • Trailer
    braking systems
Nero Mobility | Mobile Cold Room Manufacturers | Junk Mail

With so many benefits to owning a mobile cold room, it’s easy to see why so many people choose to invest in these units. Looking for a good deal? Find a Nero Mobility mobile freezer for sale on Junk Mail today.

6 Christmas gift ideas for the braai master

Looking for the ultimate Christmas gift? From illuminated braai tongs to recipe books, we have plenty of exciting ideas for you. These practical tools make the perfect gift for braai enthusiasts. With a variety of options to choose from, there is something to suit everyone’s budget. Find braai equipment for sale on Junk Mail and enjoy your next braai!

Gifts for a braai master | Junk Mail
Photo Source – By Jaco Pretorius on

1. Illuminated braai tongs

there’s no excuse to burn the meat after the sun goes down. Cook your food to
perfection using illuminated braai
tongs! The centrally positioned light makes it easy to flip your meat at
exactly the right moment. The torch is removable, making it convenient to clean
the tongs when you’re done with them.

2. Braai mat

Make light work of cleaning up after your braai with help from a non-stick braai mat. Once the festivities are over and everyone has gone home, the last thing a braai master feels like is scrubbing the grill. All you need to do is put the braai sheet over the grill so that you can cook your food on it. Most of these braai mats can withstand temperatures of over 200˚C. Not only do these high-tech mats add to the convenience of cleaning up, but they are also perfect for cooking vegetables and marinating sosaties on. You can even bake pancakes or crumpets with marshmallows and chocolate sauce on it for a delicious dessert. The sheet is suitable for use with a gas or coal braai, but you should avoid placing it over an open flame.

3. Braai utensil set

braai master needs
a reliable set of braai tools. Tongs, a grill brush, and basting brush lay the
foundation for any braai.
A braai set in a nice case makes it even better and keeps the essential tools
together and well protected.

Buy braai utensils for the braai master this Christmas | Junk Mail
Photo Source – GreenLeaf Home on Junk Mail

4. Stainless steel grid

you’re going camping or making a braai at home, a quality stainless steel grid will come in
handy. Different sizes and designs make it easy to take your grill with you
wherever your next adventure leads you. Perfect for braaing meat and
sandwiches, a stainless-steel grill offers you improved control for consistent
cooking. Simply place your food between the two grids and use the locking ring
on the handle to keep it in place.

5. Meat thermometer

your meat exactly the way you prefer it with the help of a meat thermometer.
You’ll be able to select the best temperature for each type of meat to ensure
that it’s cooked to perfection.

6. Recipe books

There is a wide variety of cookbooks on the market that will take your braai to the next level. From starters to main courses, side dishes, snacks, and deserts, cookbooks will give you endless opportunities this Christmas.

Buy a braai recipe book this Christmas | Junk Mail
Photo Source – By Dan Gold on

Make any braai enthusiast happy with these awesome Christmas gift ideas. They’ll love using these braai favours for years to come. Find the ultimate braai equipment for sale on Junk Mail today.

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What to do during your staycation

Planning your staycation? We have some exciting ideas for you! The good news is that you can enjoy a fun and relaxing holiday at home without spending a fortune. Not only is a staycation easy on your pocket, but you’ll also avoid the crowds of people that head to popular destinations during the festive period. Browse through our leisure or community and events categories on Junk Mail to find exciting opportunities.  

Family Staycation Ideas | Junk Mail
Photo Source –

How to plan your staycation 

To have the best possible staycation, take some time to plan ahead. Start by checking your finances so that you know how much you have to spend. Next, decide on what activities you want to take part in and how much each one costs. A properly planned budget ensures that you can fit in as many fun outings as possible. Look out for deals, and coupons make your money go further. 

Why you should consider a staycation 

A staycation is an opportunity to relax in the comfort of your own home while enjoying quality time with your family. You can avoid getting into debt over the festive season while still having fun. Prices skyrocket over the festive season, making accommodation and flights unaffordable for many South Africans. Not only will you be saving money, but you’ll also be avoiding the crowds of people that flock to popular tourist destinations. All the preparation, packing, and travelling that goes along with holidays can also be stressful, especially if you have kids. 

Staycation Ideas | Junk Mail
Photo Source –

6 staycation ideas: 

1. Explore your town 

Pretend that you’re a visitor in your own town and explore all the attractions that you’ve been meaning to visit since you moved there. We often take the sites in our own town for granted as soon as we’ve settled in. 

2. Go for a picnic 

A picnic is a fun day out for your whole family. Pack some delicious food, blankets, and refreshments before heading to a nearby park. Sporting equipment can make a great addition to your picnic. Other popular entertainment options include books and board games. Not only will you have fun outdoors, but you’ll also be spending quality time with your loved ones. 

3. Disconnect 

If you want to truly relax during your staycation, take a break from technology. Log out of your social media accounts and turn off the TV. Put your smartphone away and only use it when it’s completely necessary. While it may feel uncomfortable at first, you’ll be amazed at how relaxed you start to feel when there are no disruptions. 

4. Look for free events 

Free events are common in most towns, you just have to look out for them. You may find free community yoga in the park or a day of complimentary access to a nearby museum. You can also visit Christmas markets. Make the most of these opportunities for your family to have new experiences without spending a fortune. 

5. Movie night 

Make popcorn and enjoy a movie night in the comfort of your own home. You can even get comfy in your favourite pyjamas before you cuddle up on the couch. There are plenty of movies available on streaming services or you could borrow some DVDs. 

6. Go hiking 

Go for a hike and explore nature in the area that surrounds your town. Search online for popular trails in your area. Check the difficulty level of the route that you plan to take before you set off. There are plenty of short walks that are suitable for children if you want to take your family with you. 

Go hiking while on staycation | Junk Mail
Photo Source –

Now that you’re feeling inspired, you can plan an exciting staycation for you and your loved ones. Sit back and relax this festive season without the stress of planning a trip away. Browse through our leisure and events sections on Junk Mail for more staycation ideas.  


CLOSED 24/12 – 03/01THANK YOU! It’s been a massive pleasure tattooing all of you. There would be no TRADE MARK without your continuous support. We hope you have a great & safe festive season. See all of you in 2021

Making your life easier, one innovation at a time

You have great dreams and
hopes for your children. Dreams of a quality education, a safe home, and a
family of their own. What would happen to those dreams if anything ever
happened to you? How would your family survive the loss of your income? 

insurance, chatbot, 1life

We all know how important it is to have Life Insurance but with our packed schedules and busy to-do lists, it’s hard to make the time to get to it. From the time you open your eyes in the morning, the tasks begin. Making lunch, dropping off the kids at school, rushing to meetings, grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, and through it all, remembering to eat on time and take deep breaths are part of our everyday lives. 

1Life understands this and has
worked hard to find a solution to help you get a Life Insurance quote on the
go. A solution that’s available 24/7, accessible via your mobile phone, and
simple to use. Well, we’ve found it!

chatbot, 1life, insurance

We’d like to introduce you to the 1Life Insurance Assistant. Chat to our Assistant anytime on your phone or desktop and get an obligation-free quote in less than two minutes. By answering a few quick and simple questions, you can get the quote you’ve been meaning to get for months. Our Assistant is also able to provide you with more product information to help you make an informed decision.

With the 1Life Insurance Assistant, there are no more excuses. Get a quote while waiting in line for your morning coffee, while you wait for the presentation to be set up in your meeting, or during the half-time of your child’s soccer game. Get covered the easy way for more peace of mind for you and your family.

Get started now… Click here to chat to the 1Life Insurance Assistant.

1Life Chatbot

Why 1Life’s Pure Life Cover?

  • Get up to R10 million life cover
  • Nominate up to 10 people to receive financial support in the event of your death
  • No medical check-ups, just an HIV test
  • No increase on your premiums for the first 24 months
  • An immediate Pay Now funeral benefit of R50 000 to assist with funeral costs. Terms and conditions apply.

If you chat to the 1Life Insurance Assistant this December, you stand to win R20 000 to kick-start your 2020!

chatting to the 1Life Insurance Assistant.

Camping essentials to pack for your next camping trip

Are you planning a camping trip? Make sure that you take all the camping essentials with you on your next adventure. South Africa’s stunning scenery provides plenty of exciting destinations for you to explore with your loved ones. Whether you’re soaking up the sun near the ocean or enjoying the fresh mountain air, there’s nothing more relaxing than a family holiday spent outdoors. Find affordable camping equipment for sale on Junk Mail. 

Camping Essentials for your next camping trip | Junk Mail
Photo Source –

Here is a list of camping essentials: 


A good quality tent is a must-have for any camping enthusiast. Choose wisely because your tent will be your home for the duration of your trip. You’ll need pegs and poles to put your tent up as well as ropes to secure the structure. A groundsheet comes in handy as it helps to keep the dirt out. Don’t forget to consider the size of the tent. Two, three, and six-man tents are popular options. It’s always a good idea to go for a bigger tent to ensure you have enough space. 

Remember to bring tent spare items like extra ropes, pegs, poles, etc. You can also pack your tent repair kit and some good old duct tape, just in case.  


Enjoy a good night’s rest on a comfortable camping mattress. An inflatable mattress takes up less space, but you’ll need a pump to inflate it. Foldable foam mattresses and stretchers are also good options. If you do bring your inflatable mattress, make sure you also pack the pump and your mattress repair kit.  

Bedding or sleeping bags 

Although sleeping bags have always been part of the camping essentials list, some campers prefer to just take everyday bedding with them, such as a pillow, comforters, sheets, etc. But because sleeping bags are so easy to use and to transport, it is still a popular option. At the end of the day, it is completely up to you to decide what you want to use since it will depend on your personal preference and the nature of the camping trip.  

Chairs and tables 

Whether you’re enjoying your morning coffee or swapping stories around the braai, you’ll need a comfy chair to sit on. Camping chairs are durable and they fold up so that transportation is easier. Add one or more small, foldable tables to the list that you can use to prepare food or put snacks out on. 

Camping Essentials for your next camping trip | Junk Mail
Photo Source –

Clothes and towels 

The number one rule for camping is to pack light. You’ll need comfortable and practical clothing during your camping trip. Remember to include a swimming costume for the warm summer days and a jersey for those cooler evenings. Similarly, you’ll need to pack comfortable shoes. Remember to bring separate towels for swimming and bathing.  

First aid kit 

Be prepared for emergencies by taking a first aid kit with you. Along with the necessary medical supplies, you’ll need mosquito repellent and sunscreen. Also take a fire extinguisher with you. 


As the sun sets, you’ll need lighting to illuminate your campsite. A headlamp is a popular option if you plan to braai, but torches and lanterns (newer LED versions) will definitely come in handy during your camping trip, so don’t forget them at home. Also pack plug adaptors, extension cords, batteries, battery chargers (if applicable), and replacement bulbs.  

Pack your flashlight for your next camping trip | Junk Mail
Photo Source –


Don’t set off without all the necessary utensils, which should include the following: 

  • Knives and forks 
  • Plates and bowls 
  • Cups and glasses 
  • Pots and pans 
  • Can opener 
  • Braai tongs 
  • Grid brush  
  • Plastic containers 
  • Flasks  

Appliances may include a camp stove, kettle, mini-fridge/freezer and many more. Also, remember to pack cleaning aids such as cloths, sponges, soap, buckets, a broom and dustpan, etc. 


Learning to pack the right food is a skill that any camping enthusiast needs to learn in order to survive. Include non-perishable food items that will last for the duration of your trip and don’t forget the spices. The food needs to be easy and convenient to prepare as you won’t have the luxury of using a fully equipped kitchen. 

Remember to get enough ice/ice packs for your cooler box or keep the most important items like meat in your portable fridge/freezer.  


Most campsites have bathroom facilities where you can enjoy a hot shower. Remember to pack the following toiletries: 

  • Soap or shower gel 
  • Toothpaste and toothbrush 
  • Shampoo and conditioner 
  • Deodorant 
  • Facewash and moisturiser 
  • Toilet paper 
Pack your toothbrush for your next camping trip | Junk Mail
Photo Source –

Prepare for your next big adventure by getting all your camping essentials ready. Missing something from our list? Find all the camping equipment you need on Junk Mail.

Want to buy a new phone? Have a look at the Galaxy S10 range

Want to buy a new phone? Have a look at the Samsung Galaxy S10 range. With their awesome design and powerful performance, it’s easy to see why these phones are such a popular option.

Find Samsung phones for sale on Junk Mail and enjoy great savings.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Design | Junk Mail
Photo Source –

What does the Samsung Galaxy S10 range consist of?

Samsung Galaxy S10 range includes the Galaxy S10e, S10 and S10+ and all three
variations have a dual sim option.



To start
off with, the Galaxy S10 range features the new Infinity-O Display, which
eliminates distractions, ensuring a cinematic viewing experience. By making use
of precise laser cutting, the front-facing camera has been discreetly tucked
away in the top right-hand corner, without sacrificing photo quality.

Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+ has a default resolution of Full HD+, but can be
changed to Quad HD+ in settings.

The next
generation screen on these models is HDR10+ certified and the brighter screen
makes your phone easier to use in bright daylight.

The eye
comfort display has been engineered to adjust to the light for a better view. A
unique fluid composite in the Dynamic AMOLED screen reduces harmful blue light
without changing the colour of what’s on-screen.

Samsung Galaxy S10e, S10 and S10+ Sizes | Junk Mail
Photo Source –


There are
various colours to choose from but may vary depending on the country and the

  • Galaxy
    S10e: Prism White, Prism Black, Prism Green and Canary Yellow
  • Galaxy
    S10: Prism White, Prism Black and Prism Green
  • Galaxy
    S10+: Prism White, Prism Black, Prism Green and Ceramic Black
Samsung Galaxy S10+ Colours | Junk Mail
Photo Source –

The Fingerprint Scanner

Samsung Galaxy S10 range also features a fingerprint scanner that opens your
phone with a simple, natural move. The Galaxy S10e has a capacitive fingerprint
sensor on the side while the S10 and S10+ has an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor
on the screen.


The Galaxy
S10+ models with 8GB RAM with 512GB internal storage and Galaxy S10+
Performance Edition (12GB RAM with 1TB internal storage) is available in
ceramic versions.

The S10
and S10+ comes with Gorilla Glass 6 in front and Gorilla Glass 5 at the back,
while the Galaxy S10e is made with Gorilla Glass 5.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Range Materials | Junk Mail
Photo Source –

State-of-the-art cameras

mentioned before, the front camera on the S10e, S10 and S10+ is embedded in the
infinity display, which results in a larger screen and better viewing

The multi-camera system on these models uses the latest technology to enhance colours in ultra-high definition, but also reduces blur with its integrated stabiliser software.

Galaxy S10e

  • 10MP
    single front camera featuring dual pixel auto focus and UHD selfie technology.
  • Dual
    rear camera with the cameras aligned horizontally. The lens on the left-hand
    side is a 12MP wide angle lens with built-in Optical Image Stabilisation software
    to reduce blurry images. The lens on the right is a 16MP ultra-wide angle lens.
Samsung Galaxy S10e Cameras | Junk Mail
Photo Source –

Galaxy S10

  • 10MP
    single front camera featuring dual pixel auto focus and UHD selfie technology.
  • Triple
    rear camera with the cameras aligned horizontally. The first camera on the left
    is a 12Mp telephoto lens with a 2x zoom and OIS software to prevent photos from
    blurring. In the middle you have a 12MP wide angle lens that also includes OIS
    software. Then on the right you have a 16MP ultra-wide angle lens.
Samsung Galaxy S10e Cameras | Junk Mail
Photo Source –

Galaxy S10+

  • This
    model features a dual front camera. The first one on the left is a 10MP dual
    pixel auto focus and UHD selfie technology and the one on the right is an 8MP
    lens which gives added depth to your photos.
  • Triple
    rear camera with the cameras aligned horizontally. The first camera on the left
    is a 12Mp telephoto lens with a 2x zoom and OIS software to prevent photos from
    blurring. In the middle you have a 12MP wide angle lens that also includes OIS
    software. Then on the right you have a 16MP ultra-wide angle lens.
Samsung Galaxy S10+ Cameras | Junk Mail
Photo Source –


Samsung Galaxy S10 Performance | Junk Mail
Photo Source –
  • Extended battery life

intelligent battery learns your routine and shuts down apps when they’re not
being used. Another useful feature that extends your battery life is the
Adaptive Power Saving Mode, which is responsible for managing your battery life
based on the prediction of your day.

  • Effortless charging

Samsung Wireless Charger Duo Pad allows the S10e, S10 and S10+ to wirelessly
charge faster than previous Galaxy phones. The charging pad comes with a turbo
cooling fan that prevents your phone from overheating. 

  • Powerful processor

processor ensures that you enjoy a smooth performance while preserving the
battery life. The fast performance makes it possible to play graphics-heavy
games without any hassles. These phones offer up to 8GB of RAM with up to 29%
faster CPU and 37% faster GPU.

  • Hybrid SIM

The dual
SIM option gives you the freedom to use two numbers, but if you’re not using an
extra SIM, you can use that slot for a microSD card instead.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Range Hybrid Sim | Junk Mail
Photo Source –

Storage space

  • Galaxy S10e: 128GB with 6GB RAM or
    256GB with 8GB RAM. It also has a Micro SD slot (up to 512GB).
  • Galaxy S10: 128GB with 8GB RAM or
    512GB with 8GB RAM. It also has a Micro SD slot (up to 512GB).
  • Galaxy S10+: 128GB with 8GB RAM,
    512GB with 8GB RAM or 1TB with 12GB RAM. It also has a Micro SD slot (up to


Specifications S10e S10 S10+
Dimensions 142.2 x 69.9 x 7.9mm 149.9 x 70.4 x 7.8mm 157.6 x 74.1 x 7.8mm
Weight 150g 157g 175g
Processor Octa-core Octa-core Octa-core
Display 5.8” Infinity-O Display 6.1” Infinity-O Display 6.4” Infinity-O Display
Battery 3,100mAh 3,400mAh 4,100mAh
Software Android OS version 9.0 Android OS version 9.0 Android OS version 9.0

Don’t miss out on these state-of-the-art phones. Find a Samsung phone for sale on Junk Mail today.

How to know if it’s time to replace your car’s clutch

Are you wondering if it’s time to replace your car’s clutch? From grinding noises to difficulties getting into gear, there are plenty of signs that your clutch needs some extra attention. You can find clutches for sale, as well as automotive service providers, on Junk Mail.

Find car clutches for sale on Junk Mail

What is a clutch and how does it work?

clutch is a mechanical device that plays an important role in the operation of
your car. The clutch functions to engage and disengage two rotating shafts. One
of the shafts is connected to the engine and the other shaft is responsible for
the power output.

The main parts of the clutch include the following:

  • Cover
  • Pressure
  • Driven
  • Release

you live in the city where you’re faced with traffic on a regular basis, it’s
likely that your car’s
clutch will wear down quicker. Frequent stopping and starting can have a
negative impact on the lifespan of your clutch. Pulling heavy loads is also likely
to wear your car’s clutch

Find car clutches for sale on Junk Mail

5 signs that you need to replace your car’s clutch

  • Clutch slippage

If the
engine races but your vehicle is slow to take off, it’s an indication of a worn-out
clutch. It’s likely that the friction material has worn away so that it’s
difficult for the power to be transferred to the transmission. If this is the
case, you’ll need to replace the disc to get your vehicle back into shape.
However, there are other culprits of clutch slippage, which include problems
with the clutch linkage as well as a damaged pressure plate. A damaged motor
mount can also be the cause of this problem.

  • Getting into gear is difficult

gears can be problematic if your clutch isn’t in good condition, but issues
with changing gears could also be due to problems with the linkage adjustment,
a damaged clutch plate or a damaged cylinder fork.

  • Soft clutch

your clutch feels spongy, it’s advisable to have it checked out as soon as
possible. Another telltale sign of a clutch problem is if your car’s clutch shudders.
This issue is particularly noticeable when you’re travelling at low speeds. A
shuddering clutch can mean that there are impurities interfering with the
clutch plate or that the clutch plate needs to be replaced.

  • Grinding sounds

you notice grinding sounds when you push down the clutch, it could be a sign
that the clutch is worn. Faulty bearings could also be the culprit. It’s
important to deal with this problem as soon as possible because bearings are
cheap to replace but if you continue to drive with damaged bearings it can lead
to more expensive problems later.

How to make your car’s clutch last longer

time and money by taking good care of your clutch. Clutches are a sensitive and
vital part of your vehicle, so it’s essential to know how to extend their

  • Don’t
    apply pressure to the clutch while you’re driving unless you’re changing gears.
    Even resting your foot on the clutch can create pressure that speeds up the
    wear and tear of your clutch.
  • Reduce
    the speed of your vehicle slowly and steadily before you come to a robot or
    stop sign. Likewise, take off slowly and steadily rather than pretending you’re
    on a racetrack. 
  • Make
    use of your parking brake when you’re taking off on an incline so that you can
    avoid putting strain on your clutch.
  • Don’t
    engage your clutch to assist with braking.
Don't keep your foot on the clutch when you drive | Junk Mail
Photo Source –

Now that you know how to maintain your car’s clutch properly, you can keep your car in good shape. Find clutches for sale on Junk Mail and enjoy great savings.

Back-to-school tips for parents – Get ready for the 2020 school year

Prepare for the 2020 school year with our back-to-school tips. From establishing sleeping patterns to practising brain exercises, there are plenty of strategies you can use to ensure that your children are ready for the new school year. With proper preparation, you can decrease the stress that’s associated with this busy period. Find bags, Tupperware, toys, books, and more on Junk Mail.

Back-to-school tips for parents | Junk Mail
Photo Source –

Get all the school supplies ready

stationery to books, bags, and lunch boxes, you need to make sure that you
check everything off the school supplies list before your children go back to school,
preferably as soon as possible.

sure you know the rules about book covering before you buy covers/paper.
Schools usually give out papers to stick onto their books to ensure everyone’s
books look the same. Getting this sorted will relieve stress and get your kids
excited about the new school year.

Additional tips:

  • Before
    you buy stuff you don’t actually need, do proper “stocktake” of the school
    supplies you have left from last year.
  • Don’t
    send your kids to school with their newest and best supplies during the first
  • You
    can cut erasers in half or in 3 pieces, so if your child loses it, it’s not a
    train smash.
  • Mark
    absolutely everything. You can engrave (if possible) or use a permanent marker.
    Just make sure the markings are legible and unique to your child.
School Supplies | Coloured Pencils | Junk Mail
Photo Source –

Buying school clothes

buying school uniforms, make sure to take your children with you and let them
fit everything before you buy it. It’s also advisable to buy clothes a tiny bit
bigger to ensure they don’t grow out of their uniforms too quickly. You want to
get the most value for money.

your children’s school uniforms no longer fit, you can either donate them to
the school, resell them to other parents you know or even sell them on Junk

Buying school uniforms | Junk Mail
Photo Source –

Set up a dedicated “homework station”

a space with your child where they can do their homework or school projects.
This space needs to be big enough, away from distractions, and comfortable for
your children.

Have a dedicated homework station | Junk Mail
Photo Source –

Establish sleep patterns

holidays are likely to disrupt your family’s usual routine, including the kids’
sleeping patterns. Prepare for the new school year by re-establishing their
regular bedtime routine at least a week before the holidays end. While your
children may protest at first, be consistent in getting them back into a
routine. A good night’s sleep plays a vital role in your children’s emotional
wellbeing as well as their academic performance.

Establish sleep patterns | Junk Mail
Photo Source –

Introduce healthy eating

to your schedule during the holidays mean you’re unlikely to maintain regular mealtimes.
The abundance of sweets and chocolates that are part of the festive season
celebrations also disrupt healthy eating patterns. Start with a nutritious
eating plan and regular mealtimes as soon as you can. Proper nutrition helps
your children have enough energy to get through the school day. It also helps
your children focus in the classroom while promoting their physical and
emotional wellbeing.

Healthy eating habits for kids | Junk Mail
Photo Source –

Re-establish rules about screen time

screen time can be fun and educational for your kids, too much of it during the
week might affect their routines negatively and take away from much-needed
family time. Rules about screen time will also help when your kids have to do
homework or study for a test. Make sure you explain the rules about screen time
and try to re-enforce those rules a week before your kids go back to school.

Screen time rules for kids | Junk Mail
Photo Source –

Practice effective communication

sure that you keep the communication lines open between you and your children
so that they know that they can approach you with any of their fears or
concerns. Have a family meeting before the new school year starts so that your
children have an opportunity to express how they’re feeling. You can also use
this time to provide them with information about any changes that are taking
place and to answer their questions. This is particularly important if your
child is starting at a new school.

Communicate with your children | Junk Mail
Photo Source –

Don’t stress

The back-to-school period can
invoke anxiety in parents and children alike. However, with proper preparation,
you can ease into the new school year with minimal stress. Returning to school
requires some adjustments so you can expect to face a few challenges during the
first few weeks of term. Use your support system and take care of yourself so
that you can remain calm during this hectic period. When you’re relaxed and
supportive, your children are more likely to be calm too.

Don't Stress | Back-to-school | Junk Mail
Photo Source –

Start with brain exercises

a long holiday, your children’s concentration levels will have decreased.
Gently prepare them for the new school year by practising a few brain exercises
in the week before the term starts. You can ask your children to read to you
each day as well as doing a few fun math exercises together. Reading your
children a bedtime story is a great opportunity to spend quality time with
them. Ask them a few questions about the story as you go along to improve their
comprehension capabilities.

can also take your children on fun, but educational outings, such as visiting
museums, the zoo, animal rescue centres or even taking them to pottery and
cooking classes.

Do brain exercises with your kids | Junk Mail
Photo Source –

Set goals

are an excellent way to stay motivated as the year progresses but it’s
important to avoid putting to pressure on your children. Excessive pressure can
damage your children’s self-esteem and it can also be detrimental to their
academic achievements. Allow your children to set their own goals and help them
to create steps on how they will reach their goals. Remind them that their
academic achievement is not a reflection of their self-worth and that there are
many other qualities that are also important, such as kindness, courage, and

Help your children set goals | Junk Mail
Photo Source –

Now that you’ve read our back-to-school tips, you can approach the new academic year with confidence. Visit Junk Mail today to find a wide variety of bags, Tupperware, toys, books, and much more.

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Sell your goods and services faster by promoting your ads on Junk Mail. From home page ads to top ads, there are plenty of opportunities to get extra exposure. Online payments make it easy to give your listing a boost. Post a FREE ad on Junk Mail and promote it to get more exposure.

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January is “Get Organised” and “Clean Up Your Computer” Month

January is “Get Organised” and “Clean Up Your Computer” month. This helps you start your new year on a clean slate and organise everything so you can focus on being productive. January is one of the busiest months of the year, so by getting your things sorted and organised, you’ll feel less overwhelmed and ready to kick off the year with a bang!

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Get Organised For The New Year | Junk Mail
Photo Source –

Benefits of being organised

  • It
    increases productivity
  • It
    reduces your stress level
  • It
    improves your time management skills and helps you meet deadlines
  • It
    improves your work-life balance
  • Being
    organised improves your energy levels and enthusiasm

How to get organised

  • Consider
    whether you are truly organised
  • Keep
    both your personal and workspaces clean and tidy
  • Sort
    out your cabinets or drawers at the office and your cupboards at home
  • You
    can even help sort out the work environment around you
  • Download
    apps or implement some systems to help you stay organised digitally
Delete Unused Files And Apps On Your PC | Junk Mail
Photo Source –

Benefits of cleaning up your computer

  • It
    improves the performance and speed of your computer. You can delete apps and
    files you don’t need any more and even run disk cleanup tools to further boost
    the performance of your PC
  • Performing
    a disk cleanup helps detect junk files that usually takes up a lot of space
  • Cleaning
    up your computer helps you get more organised, which in turn helps you to be more productive

Tips on how to clean up your computer

  • Run
    a backup of your computer
  • Uninstall
    programs you no longer use
  • Delete
    your cookies and temporary files
  • Prevent
    unnecessary programmes from running on start-up
  • Run
    a disk defragment
  • Empty
    your recycle bin
  • Delete
    duplicate files or files you no longer need
  • Turn
    off your PC and physically clean it

Summarised checklist:

  • Set
    your goals for the new year
  • Write
    down the steps you need to take in order to reach your goals
  • Clean
    up your computer
  • Create
    and label file folders to keep your computer organised
  • Delete
    unnecessary emails
  • Tidy
    up your office
Get A New Year Checklist | Junk Mail
Photo Source –

Now that you know how to get organised, you can visit Junk Mail for affordable office equipment and supplies

International Champ of Champions Race @ Mahem Raceway

On 5 October 2019, Mahem Raceway hosted the exhilarating 50-year racing legends race and now they’re doing it again, but this time, with a little bit of a twist… On 25 January, they will celebrate 20 years of international racing in South Africa and for the very first time in Oval history, they will have a 50-lap final with a compulsory pitstop! Legendary racers from South Africa, Holland, United Kingdom, and Germany will be battling it out to see who will be the King of the Ring! This is a race day you don’t want to miss!

Info about the day:





25 January 2020

Mahem Raceway (View Map)

Gates open at 10:00
Racing starts at 14:00

R100 per adult
R50 per child (7 – 12 years) – Free for kids under 7 years
R50 for secure parking

Supporting Classes:

  • Ninja Midgets
  • Junior
  • 1660
  • Ladies Cup
  • Open Class

Some of the Racers:

  • Dave Leech
  • Deane Wood
  • Boxer Jack
  • Joe Reynolds
  • Frank Nohring
  • Gerton Boes
  • James Morris
  • Chantelle
  • Marnus du
  • Donovan
  • Johan Vorster
  • Tony
  • Jason
  • Jaco van der
  • Frans Joubert
  • Jacobus Maree
  • Ruan Maree
  • Neville
  • Kosie Weyers
  • Tokkos
  • Gavin Botha
  • Andrew Botha
  • Freek
  • Lee
  • Liam Lake
  • Jordon
  • PJ Collins

Official Sponsor of the International Champ of Champions Race:

MIT-MAK Motors | Official Sponsor of the International Champ of Champions Race | Junk Mail

Need Dyno tuning or racing fuel? Visit Triple A Service Station in Gezina, Pretoria or contact Andre Maree for more information.

The importance of regular aircon services

Aircons keep your home cool during the hot summer days and maintain a pleasant temperature in the office so that you can focus on your work. While investing in a quality system is advantageous, you’ll also need to remember to maintain it regularly. Proper maintenance ensures that your air conditioner delivers optimal performance. It also helps to avoid more expensive problems later on. Find a range of reliable aircon services and repairs on Junk Mail today.

Home Air Conditioner | Junk Mail
Photo Source –

How to choose the right aircon services

If you want to enjoy the benefits of regular aircon maintenance, you’ll
need to choose the right service provider. It’s essential to use a company that
employs qualified personnel who deliver an efficient service. Staff should have
the knowledge and skills to do a good, quality job. Select a trustworthy repair
service otherwise you could find yourself stuck with a bill that’s much higher
than you expected. Do an online search to find information on the company’s
reputation before you use their services. It can also be helpful to ask them
for a reference from another client who was satisfied with their work. Customer
ratings are a good indication of the quality of their services.

Aircon Maintenance | Junk Mail
Photo Source –

The importance of regular aircon services

  • Boost efficiency

Wear and tear decreases the performance of your aircon system over time. In order to keep your system working efficiently, you’ll need to get it serviced at least once a year. Not only will the system perform better, but it will also use less energy. Poorly functioning systems can cause a significant spike in your utility bills.

  • Decrease emergency repairs

If you don’t take good care of your aircon system, it’s likely to
break down unexpectedly. Over time, small issues turn into bigger problems that
cause the system to stop working. Not only is a broken system inconvenient, but
it can also cause expensive repairs that could have been avoided with proper maintenance.

  • Longer lifespan

Regular maintenance
ensures that your aircon system lasts longer. If some of the components aren’t
working properly, it can damage the rest of your system. While aircon services incur an
additional cost, they save you money in the long run.

  • Better quality air

An aircon system that delivers an optimal performance will keep
you cool by controlling the humidity levels. Poor quality air puts your health
at risk so it’s important to avoid this problem by maintaining the aircon
system and by ensuring that it’s properly installed. Filters trap dust so they
need to be cleaned and changed regularly. If you don’t keep the filters in good
condition, it causes trapped allergens to be reintroduced to the air. You can
find specially designed aircon systems for sale that are built to filter out
microorganisms and bacteria from the air. If these systems aren’t cared for
properly they won’t perform efficiently and the quality of the air will be
negatively impacted.

  • Avoid losing your warranty

If you fail to maintain your aircon system, you could lose out on
your warranty. Many manufacturers offer a one- or two-year warranty that’s
valid if you take proper care of the system. Check the warranty period that
comes with your system as well as the conditions that accompany it.

  • Reduce noise levels

Damaged aircon systems can be noisy. This background noise makes
it difficult to enjoy a relaxing environment at home or to concentrate on your
job in the office. On the other hand, a proper functioning aircon system
eliminates the need for noisy fans. With a cool temperature inside you can keep
the doors and windows closed, which means that you won’t be disturbed by the
noise outside your office or home.

Aircon Services & Repairs | Junk Mail
Photo Source –

Now that you know more about the benefits of proper maintenance, you can keep your system functioning at maximum efficiency. Visit Junk Mail and find quality aircon services today.

Top 10 homework tips for parents

It’s a new year and the perfect time to get your child’s homework routine sorted out. There are various ways you can help your child be more productive and get their homework completed in a reasonable timeframe. From removing distractions to encouraging your child, there are plenty of steps you can take to make homework time easier.

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Child Struggling To Do Homework | Junk Mail
Photo Source –

Why is homework important?

Homework plays an important role in the
education of your child. It helps to develop their study skills while teaching
them responsibility. Your child will learn independence when they complete
academic tasks outside the classroom. They’ll also develop their time management
and organisational capabilities. Homework ensures that your child has a good grasp of the content
they’re learning at school.

Homework tips:

1. Remove distractions

Set up
an area in your house where your child can complete their homework in peace and
quiet. Eliminating distractions makes it easier for your child to concentrate,
which decreases the frustration that can accompany homework time.

2. Invest in tools

sure your child has everything they need to get their homework done. From pens to calculators,
place all the necessary materials in the designated study area. Check whether
they have any special projects that require additional materials so you’re properly
prepared before they start their projects.

3. Establish a routine

a routine where your child starts their homework at a set time every day. Don’t leave homework until the last
minute. It’s also good to encourage your child to complete projects ahead of
the deadline. This teaches your child time-management skills and will be a good
attribute he/she will apply to everything else in life.

4. Monitor progress

homework progress by identifying what it is they have to do. Go through the homework when it has been
completed and follow up once it has been marked. Likewise, it’s helpful to
monitor your child’s test results throughout the year. Evaluating the results
gives you insight into the areas that your child might be struggling with.
You’ll be able to address these problems and get extra support if it’s

5. Provide encouragement

of criticizing, rather encourage your child. Maintain a positive attitude and
keep your child motivated rather than putting pressure on them.

6. Offer support

a supportive environment by doing your homework too. If your child is reading, you could
join in by reading a book. If they are doing mathematics, you could get your
finances done. While your child is doing their homework, take the time to complete any unfinished
work you might have.

7. Provide guidance

than giving your child the answers, take the opportunity to teach them instead.
While some support is beneficial, doing the work for your child prevents them
from learning. Focus on teaching your child difficult concepts to prevent them
from falling behind in the classroom.

8. Take breaks

your child take a short break if they’re struggling to focus. If they’re
getting frustrated with a task, encourage them to take a time out before
getting back to the problem that he/she is working on. This ensures that your
child comes back to difficult tasks with a fresh perspective.

9. Communicate

with your child’s teacher regularly. If you notice that your child is
struggling with something particular, let their teacher know. Teachers can
provide useful advice on how to support your child if they are having
difficulties with particular subjects. Find out the purpose of the homework and be aware of
the class rules.

10. Read to your child

aside time before your child goes to sleep to read to them. While this may not
be part of the homework
routine, it’s a great opportunity to spend quality time together and encourage
reading. Ask your child questions about the story to improve their
comprehension capabilities.

Mom Reading To Daughter | Junk Mail
Photo Source –

Now that you’ve read our homework tips, you can support your child’s academic achievements. Find desks, chairs, reading books and much more for sale on Junk Mail today.

February is Bird-Feeding Month, so build a bird feeder

Celebrate Bird-Feeding Month by building a bird feeder. From connecting to nature to promoting good health in birds, there are plenty of reasons to add a bird feeder to your garden. Get inspired and build your own feeder or buy a ready-made one online. What are you waiting for? Find a bird feeders for sale on Junk Mail today!

Buy A Bird Feeder For Bird-Feeding Month | Junk Mail
Photo Source –

The history of Bird-Feeding Month

Month started in 1994 to acknowledge the important role
that birds play in our environment. The history of this month has its origins
in America where John Porter declared his resolution to support wild birds as
part of the Congressional Record. In America, migratory birds start returning
as the weather warms up in February. However, it can be difficult for them to
find food during this period as the weather is still unpredictable. This
predicament resulted in the beginning of Bird-Feeding Month in support of wild birds.

The importance of having a bird feeder in your garden

A bird feeder is an important addition to your garden. Feeding birds
is an opportunity to connect with nature while learning more about the
different bird species in your area. Connecting to nature reduces stress and
birds bring joy and colour to your outdoor space. A reliable source of food
supports parent birds when they’re feeding their babies. This helps families of
birds to thrive and means that the parents spend less time away from their
chicks. The food also helps to keep birds healthy and happy. Bird feeders also provide
birds with energy for migration. For birds who don’t migrate, a feeder is a
reliable source of food during the cold months.

Buy A Bird Feeder For Bird-Feeding Month | Junk Mail
Photo Source –

Different bird feeder ideas

Don’t know where to start? Here are some ideas
that will leave you feeling inspired:

  • Jar bird feeder

Recycle an old jar by turning it into a bird feeder with leather and
ribbon. Add a perch to create a space for the birds to sit on while they’re

  • Plastic bottle

Turn an empty plastic bottle into a bird feeder by adding holes
and wooden spoons. In a few easy steps, you’ll have a bird feeder that’s ready to use.

  • Teacup

Transform an old teacup into a source of food
for birds using wire and beads. You’ll need to drill holes into the sides of
the teacup to hang it up, using beads for decoration. The saucer can be
attached to the cup using a nut and bolt.

  • Logs

Create a bird feeder with a natural look from a log. Remove
the center of the log using a chainsaw and hang your creation up using chains
once you’re done.

How to build a bird feeder

  • Define your budget

Decide on how much you can afford to spend on
building your bird feeder.
Your budget will influence your choice of design and materials.

  • Decide on a design and define your materials

Choose a design and make a list of the
materials you need. You can use recycled materials to save cash while helping
to preserve our environment.

  • Decide where you are going to hang it

Choose a spot in your garden to hang/place your bird feeder. The place should be out of reach from cats and dogs. You can get the most out of your feeder by positioning it where you can watch the birds.

  • Gather all your supplies and materials

Before you get started, you’ll need to collect
the necessary materials. Proper preparation ensures that there are no
disruptions to the building process.

  • Start constructing

Follow the design you have chosen to create a unique bird feeder that will
brighten up your garden. Make sure that the feeder is easy to clean and safe
for birds to use.

  • Fill with seeds

Fill the feeder with seeds that are healthy
for the bird species in your region. Avoid using bread and other sources of
food that can be harmful to birds.

  • Install outside

Secure your feeder outside in your chosen
spot. You can use wire or durable string to attach it to a tree or pole.

Other factors to consider:

  • Will it withstand the weather conditions outside?
  • Is there enough space for the birds to sit?
  • Are the seeds secure inside?
  • Do you have the right seeds for the birds in your area?
  • If you have pets, is the bird feeder in a secure location away from your pets?
  • Will the seeds get wet when it rains? If so, can you prevent it?

Bonus Tip: Add a
birdbath or some water to your garden where birds and other insects can drink

Buy A Bird Bath For Your Garden | Junk Mail
Photo Source –

With so many benefits to placing a bird feeder in your garden, it’s easy to see why these outdoor accessories are so popular. Bird-Feeding Month is the perfect opportunity to start providing the birds in your neighbourhood with a reliable source of food. Don’t delay, find a bird feeder for sale on Junk Mail today.

Things you and your partner can do this Valentine’s Day

Plan a special activity for you and your loved one this Valentine’s day. From going ballroom dancing to enjoying a fancy meal at home, watching a live show or going camping, there are plenty of exciting things to do.

If you’re looking for events and other fun things to do in your area, visit Junk Mail today.

Happy Valentine's Day | Junk Mail
Photo Source –

Recreate your first or one of your favourite dates

idea is one that never fails. Recreating a very special memory can be an
awesome way to spend Valentine’s
Day with your partner. You can even add some new, surprising touches to
make this date even more special than the previous one.

Have a movie marathon

together a selection of your favourite movies and cuddle up on the couch for a
romantic night at home. Don’t forget to prepare popcorn and snacks before you
start watching.

Have a picnic

This is a versatile option as you can have a picnic in a variety of places, from inside your house to outside in your garden, at the botanical gardens, a park, the dam and many more. You can play games, read your favourite book, and go through old pictures while you’re having a picnic.

Build/craft something together

little things for your home or each other is always fun. It can be something as
simple as a photo frame or something more extravagant like building a new patio
couch. These activities will not only relax you and boost your creativity, but it
will also help both of you work together and enjoy the result.

Play arcade games, go bowling, go ice skating or even some mini-golfing

you’re into doing fun things, these four options are a good place to start. You
can plan an entire day of fun-filled activities without spending a fortune.

Arrange a photoshoot

A couple’s photoshoot is great fun and a fantastic way to create memories. You can even decorate your house with the pictures afterwards.

Arrange A Couple's Photoshoot For Valentine's Day | Junk Mail
Photo Source –

Spend the day at an amusement or theme park

If you’re an adventurous couple and like to have fun, amusement or theme parks are a perfect idea. From enjoying different rides to buying gifts and enjoying various restaurants, a day at an amusement- or theme park can be an awesome experience you’ll remember forever.

Book a couple’s massage

Relax and unwind during a couple’s massage at a nearby spa. Massages are a great way to relax and relieve stress. You can choose whether you want to do full-body massages or just hands and feet. It all depends on you.

Go watch a live show or theatre production

Surprise your loved one with live music, a comedy show or theatre production. If you can’t find something you like on or close to Valentine’s Day, you can buy tickets to a show at a later stage and surprise your loved one with the tickets over a romantic dinner.

Plan a games night

Gather your favourite board games or cards for a fun games night. This can include anything from playing Snakes and Ladders to Snap, Uno, Rummy, Go Fish, Scrabble, Monopoly, Cluedo and much more. You can even play Jenga or Twister. Add snacks and your favourite drinks to make the evening memorable.

Go for a hike

some time in nature with your loved one this Valentine’s Day. Find a beautiful hiking
route nearby and pack a picnic bag to enjoy after your walk. This is a great
opportunity to spend quality time together away from any distractions. South
Africa’s stunning scenery makes a hike the perfect adventure for this special

Horse riding

suggestion is not suitable for everyone, so before you just book it, make sure
your partner will be ok with it. But other than that, horse riding can
be a lot of fun. Enjoying nature from the back of a horse can be peaceful and
calming and most definitely romantic.

Go Horse Riding For Valentine's Day | Junk Mail
Photo Source –

Quad bike rides

bike riding
through trails is an extreme amount of fun. You can either share a quad or each
get your own quad, depending on how comfortable you are with driving one. P.S.
you might need a shower after your quad bike trip…

Go camping

Get away from your busy lifestyle by planning a camping trip. On clear evenings, you can even spend the night star gazing. Walking, swimming and braaiing are all great activities for your camping getaway.

Go on a day trip

popular destinations nearby by going on a day trip. Look for a location within
three hours of your home and set off on a road trip for the day. This mini
holiday will leave you feeling refreshed and will give you the opportunity to
spend some quality time together.

Take a dancing lesson

romance in the air, dancing is the perfect activity for you and your partner.
If you don’t have any experience, you can sign up for a class in your
area. Have fun while impressing your partner with your new dance moves.

Take a pottery class

Get creative this Valentine’s Day by booking a pottery class for you and your partner. You’ll learn new skills while enjoying time together with that special person in your life.

Join a cooking/baking class

can learn how to make some new and interesting dishes with your partner this Valentine’s Day by
joining a cooking/baking class. Cooking or baking together builds
cooperation, lets you learn more about each other, and improves communication
while having fun.

Prepare a fancy dinner

on an apron and prepare a delicious meal for your partner. Set the table, light
the candles, and add roses to create a romantic ambiance in your home. While
going to a restaurant is a fun night out, there is something special about
enjoying a fancy meal together in the comfort of your own home.

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Now that you’re feeling inspired, you can start planning an incredible Valentine’s Day packed with exciting activities. Visit Junk Mail to find events, fun activities, cooking classes, dancing classes and more.

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It’s Bake for Family Fun Month, so get baking

Bake for Family Fun Month allows you to bake delicious things while spending quality time with your family. It also gives your children the opportunity to learn new skills in the process. Need new baking equipment? Find it on Junk Mail today.

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What is Bake for Family Fun Month?

Baking is a fun activity that has a long
history of bringing family and friends together. Bake for Family Fun Month preserves this ancient
tradition and brings attention to this enjoyable task. The tactile experience
of baking has
numerous benefits for adults and children alike. Not only will you be making
delicious treats to share with each other, but you’ll also be creating
priceless memories of family bonding.

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Tips for baking with kids

  • Have fun

take baking with
your little ones too seriously. Focus on creating an enjoyable experience and
spending time together as a family. Keep your sense of humour during those
chaotic moments when everything seems to be going off track.

  • Be prepared

you’re baking with
little ones, make sure that you read through the recipe and prepare the
ingredients beforehand. Younger children will need an explanation and
demonstration of each step of the process. Choose a short and easy recipe or
split up the process into two sessions to accommodate the short attention spans
of younger children. You could also divide up tasks by giving older children
more complicated instructions while allowing young children to do simple tasks
like stirring.

  • Don’t rush

aside plenty of time to spend together baking as a family. Baking together is sure to take much longer than
if you were in the kitchen alone. If you have limited time, it can become
frustrating to try and complete the activity quickly.

  • Clean up

your kids to wash their hands before and after baking. Show them how to clean the countertops and
pack away the ingredients that are no longer needed. These steps teach children
good hygiene as well as good kitchen habits.

  • Get the right equipment

sure that you have all the equipment necessary to follow the recipe. Check that
you have the right size baking
pans and measuring utensils before you get started. Put all the equipment
together on the kitchen counter so that you don’t have to disrupt your baking fun by searching
for something that’s missing.

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Baking inspiration

decide what to bake? Here are some ideas to inspire you:

  • Chocolate
  • Heart-shaped
  • Cupcakes
  • Fudge
  • Muffins
  • Macaroons
  • Butterfly
  • Oat
  • Chocolate
    chip cookies
  • Banana
  • Scones
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Safety tips for parents when baking with your children

  • Supervise children

sure that your children are supervised in the kitchen. Don’t leave them
unattended even for a short while as accidents can happen quickly.

  • Use the backburners

pots and pans on the backburners so that young children can’t reach them. This
helps to decrease the risk of them grabbing the handle of a pot and burning

  • Knives are for adults

children should be taught never to pick up a sharp knife. If you have older
children baking
with you, teach them to use sharp tools responsibility and make sure that you
supervise them.

  • Check equipment

sure that all your equipment is in good working order and that it is safe to
use. Check that the handles of pots and pans are fastened securely.

  • Ovens are for adults

sure your children know they shouldn’t open the oven. Check that they’re out of
harm’s way when you open and close the oven as the heat can cause them to burn.

  • Pack away electronic devices

using your phone unnecessarily when you’re baking in the kitchen. Electronic devices disrupt
the quality time that you’re spending together as a family, but they can also
distract you from potential hazards.

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Now that you’re feeling inspired, you can enjoy Bake for Family Fun Month. Find baking equipment and utensils for sale on Junk Mail and enjoy making delicious treats with your loved ones.

Join the smart speaker revolution

Accessible, versatile, and stylish, a smart speaker makes a great addition to your home. Even if you’re not tech-savvy, they’re simple enough to operate. Use your smart home assistant to play songs, control household technology, and set reminders.

Upgrading to a new smart speaker? Need to sell your old one? Place a FREE advert on Junk Mail and sell your items quickly and easily.

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What are smart speakers?

A smart speaker is a wireless
speaker that can be operated using voice commands and includes a virtual
assistant feature. There are also types of speakers that can be used as a smart
device, which provides you with a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection. These devices
can function to control other technology in your home. Some models also have a smart
display that features a touchscreen.

Benefits of using a smart speaker

  • Play your favourite songs

access to millions of songs through streaming services and dance along to all
your favourite tunes.

  • Fill your house with music

multiple speakers, it’s easy to play the same music in different rooms of your
home. If you’re using one internet network and user account, it’s effortless to
play the same song without connecting the speakers by cables. However, you can
also play a different song on each speaker to cater to the varied music
preferences in your family.

  • Find new songs

a new song that you enjoy? It’s easy to find out everything you want to know
about the music you’re listening to. All you need to do is ask the smart speaker for more
information using a voice command.

  • Set reminders

your smart speaker
to remind you of meetings and appointments. Your device can prompt you to do a
task or make a phone call at a specific time. You can even use it as an oven
timer to assist you when you’re cooking. You can also wake up to a relaxing
song every morning by using your smart speaker as an alarm.

  • Keep yourself entertained

isn’t the only source of entertainment that your smart speaker offers. Playing voice-enabled games
is a fun activity that can stop you from becoming bored while you’re doing
household tasks. With a broad selection of games available, there is something
to suit everyone’s preferences.

  • Unwind and relax

your smart speaker
to help you relax after a hard day’s work. The smart home assistant feature can improve your
mediation skills and offer you useful breathing exercises. The device can also
be used to remind you to take a break to meditate or relax.

  • Get organised

organised and save time with help from your smart home assistant. Keeping up with a busy
lifestyle can be tough, but it’s easier to manage all your responsibilities
with this device.

Some of the smart speakers available in South Africa

1. Google

  • Google Home Assistant Smart Speaker
Google Home Assistant Smart Speaker | Junk Mail
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voice-activated speaker features Google Assistant. You can get the answers to
all your questions with help from your device. Get updates on the weather,
traffic, and sports effortlessly. With a simple voice command, you can listen
to a playlist of your choice. This smart speaker weighs 477g and features a 2-inch driver and dual
in passive radiator speaker. Connections include a DC power jack and micro-USB

  • Google Home Max Smart Speaker
Google Home Max Smart Speaker | Junk Mail
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the best sound quality with this awesome smart speaker. This top of the range speaker
eliminates unwanted resonance and delivers deep and balanced bass. The
dimensions of this charcoal device are 31.24cm, 18.8cm, and 15.24cm
respectively. Highlights of this speaker include two 4.5-inch high-excursion
dual voice-coil woofers and far-field voice recognition mics.

  • Google Home Mini Smart Speaker
Google Home Mini Smart Speaker | Junk Mail
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your favourite entertainment and control your smart home technology with this
mini smart speaker.
The Google Assistant responds to voice commands so that you can find answers to
your questions effortlessly. Available in chalk, charcoal, and coral, this
device features Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support and has a diameter of 9.8cm and
height of 4.2cm.

2. Amazon

  • Amazon Echo 2nd Generation Smart Speaker
Amazon Echo 2nd Generation Smart Speaker | Junk Mail
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for outstanding sound quality? The Echo offers you crisp vocals and dynamic
bass. Use Amazon Music to discover everything you want to know about your
favourite songs. Audiobooks are an excellent source of entertainment. The
dimensions of this heather grey device are 8.38cm, 8.38cm, and 23.62cm.

  • Amazon Echo Plus 2nd Generation Smart Speaker
Amazon Echo Plus 2nd Generation Smart Speaker | Junk Mail
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and innovative, the Echo Plus 2nd Generation makes an excellent
addition to your home. The LED ring is illuminated by a blue light when the
device is activated and when Alexa talks. The AUX port can be used to connect
the device to headphones or an additional speaker. This model weighs 780g and
features both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

  • Echo Show 2nd Generation Smart Display Speaker
Echo Show 2nd Generation Smart Display Speaker | Junk Mail
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This smart speaker offers you
incredible sound and other impressive features. Its 10.1-inch screen and 5MP
camera set it apart from its competitors. It weighs 1 765g and features both Wi-Fi
and Bluetooth connectivity.

  • Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Generation Smart Speaker with Alexa
Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Generation Smart Speaker with Alexa | Junk Mail
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With its upgraded speaker and refreshed design, the Echo Dot is a worthwhile investment. Use voice commands to access music, the news, and other useful information. Available in heather grey, charcoal, and sandstone, this device weighs 300g and its dimensions are 9.9cm, 9.9cm, and 4.3cm. It features both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

3. Apple

  • Apple Homepod Smart Speaker
Apple Homepod Smart Speaker | Junk Mail
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powerful smart speaker
offers you a smart home assistant to make managing the technology in your house
easier. It learns your music preferences so it can optimise your listening
experience. Available in black or white, it has a height of 17.27cm and width
of 14.22cm.

4. Sonos

  • Sonos One Smart Speaker
Sonos One Smart Speaker | Junk Mail
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your listening experience using your voice and connect wirelessly with
additional Sonos speakers to play the same music throughout your home.
Available in black or white, this device has a height of 16.15cm, width of 11.9cm,
and depth of 11.9cm. It features far-field voice recognition and the Amazon
Alexa voice assistant. The Sonos speaker has two Class-D digital amplifiers, a
mid-woofer, and a tweeter speaker.

  • Sonos Play 1 Smart Speaker
Sonos Play 1 Smart Speaker | Junk Mail
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a rich sound quality with the Sonos Play 1. It features far-field voice
recognition and the Amazon Alexa voice assistant. This device is equipped with
two Class-D digital amplifiers as well as a mid-woofer and tweeter. Available
in black and white, it has a height of 16.15cm, width of 11.9cm, and depth of 11.9cm.

5. Bose

  • Bose Soundlink Micro Speaker
Bose Soundlink Micro Speaker | Junk Mail
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While this speaker is compact, it doesn’t compromise on power. With its waterproof design and silicone strap, it’s the perfect companion for your next adventure. This model has a height of 9.8cm, a width of 9.8cm, and depth of 3.47cm.

With so many benefits to owning a smart speaker, it’s easy to see why these devices are so popular. A smart home assistant adds convenience and fun to your daily routine. Find a smart speaker for sale on Junk Mail today.

It’s Nutrition Month – These cool products can give your lifestyle a boost

It’s Nutrition Month and time to give your health a boost by investing in kitchen appliances that will promote healthy living. Along with that, you can also try out new healthy meals once or twice a week to keep things interesting. Visit Junk Mail to find a wide range of healthy kitchen appliances for sale.

Start Making Smoothing For Nutrition Month | Junk Mail
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What is the purpose of Nutrition Month?

Nutrition Month aims to promote healthy eating and lifestyle choices. During this
month, people are encouraged to eat healthy food and to incorporate exercise
into their daily routine. Nutrition
Month dates back to 1973 where it took place over 7 days and it was
extended to a month in 1980. During this month, information on good nutrition is shared with the

Healthy Kitchen Appliances

•        Electric air fryer

Buy an electric air fryer | Junk Mail
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it comes to healthy kitchen
appliances, an electric air fryer is a worthwhile investment. This
appliance cooks the food by circulating hot air inside a cooking chamber. The
result is delicious food with a crispy outer layer. Use your air fryer to make
potatoes and pastries. It can also be used to cook steak, chicken, and
vegetables. The advantages of using an electric air fryer are that it’s a
healthier option, it cooks food faster than a deep fryer, and it is more energy-efficient.

•        Pressure cooker/Slow cooker

Buy a pressure cooker | Junk Mail
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kitchen appliance uses steam pressure to cook food in a sealed pot. The high
pressure that builds up inside the pot ensures that the food cooks faster. You
can cook almost anything in a pressure cooker, including rice, chickpeas,
beans, vegetables, stews, and braised meat. These appliances save you time and
money and make it easy to eat healthy food. Pressure cookers produce rich
flavours and they’re simple and convenient to use.

•        Indoor grill

Buy an indoor grill | Junk Mail
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uses dry heat to cook food and the heat is transferred through thermal

grilles can be used to cook both meat and vegetables. Investing in an indoor
grill is advantageous because it’s quick and simple to use. This versatile
cooking method offers you precise heat control. The compact size of this
appliance also means that it doesn’t take up a lot of space in your kitchen.

•        Food processor

Buy a food processor | Junk Mail
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food processor makes light work of meal preparation. It’s powered by an
electric motor and is used to complete repetitive tasks such as chopping and
slicing. These kitchen appliances are similar to blenders, however, they don’t
need liquid to get the job done. A food processor saves you time in the kitchen
and makes it easier to prepare family meals. If you’re trying to improve your nutrition, these kitchen
appliances will help you prepare healthy food effortlessly.

•        Juicer

Buy a juicer | Junk Mail
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it comes to healthy kitchen
appliances, a juicer is a must-have addition to your kitchen. This
appliance makes it possible to make fresh juice that has numerous health
benefits. Healthy juices give your immune system a boost and help to prevent
disease. A wide range of vegetables and fruit can be transformed into juice,
which means that you’ll get plenty of variety in your daily nutritional intake.

•        Food steamer

Buy a food steamer | Junk Mail
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This kitchen appliance cooks food using steam, which makes it perfect for preparing healthy meals. The food is placed in a closed container, which decreases the amount of steam that escapes. It helps to preserve the nutritional value of food by decreasing the amount of nutrients that are lost during cooking. It cooks food quickly and requires minimal supervision. No oil is needed to steam food and this method of cooking preserves the structure and colour of food.

Fun Food Facts

  • Banana
    plants are giant herbs and the banana fruit is actually a berry
  • Parsley
    helps with digestion and it’s a good breath freshener
  • Strawberries
    have a higher concentration of vitamin C than oranges
  • Avocados
    contain more potassium than bananas

Invest in healthy kitchen appliances and get involved in Nutrition Month. Proper nutrition contributes to your physical and emotional well-being. Find appliances for sale on Junk Mail and upgrade your kitchen today.

Reach your fitness goals this year in 12 easy steps

Set up an exercise routine and focus on proper nutrition to reach your fitness goals this year. By following the easy steps below, you can achieve your fitness and nutrition goals. Take your workout to new heights by finding sports equipment for sale on Junk Mail today.

Reach Your Fitness Goals This Year | Junk Mail
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1. Set clear goals

clear and attainable fitness
goals that are simple to achieve. Write down your specific goals and
stick them up in a place where you’ll see them often. When you’re clear about
what you want to achieve, it’s easier to stay motivated.

2. Create a plan

you know what your fitness
goals are, develop a plan of how you’re going to achieve them. Write
down the specific steps you need to take with a timeline for each phase of your
fitness journey. Include periods of rest so that you enjoy some downtime along
the way.

3. Keep records

note of what strategies work for you and those that don’t. By recording your
fitness journey, you can use the information to develop a schedule that works
well for you. Focus on the strategies that help you achieve your goals and
discard those that don’t.

4. Identify your motivation

the reasons why you set specific fitness goals helps to keep you motivated. These reasons give
you the energy to keep working towards your goals. Write down these reasons and
revisit them when you’re finding it challenging to stay on track.

5. Avoid trends

diets and fitness trends that are complicated and unobtainable. Focus on
creating a workout schedule that fits in with your lifestyle and personal needs
rather than going from one trend to the next. Likewise, it’s advisable to focus
on eating healthy and nutritious meals rather than participating in fad diets.

6. Be flexible

it’s helpful to set specific goals, it’s also beneficial to make adjustments
along the way. If a goal is no longer a good fit, change it so that it’s a
better match for your personal fitness journey. When a goal is too challenging
to achieve, it can leave you feeling demotivated. Rather than giving up
entirely, alter your fitness schedule so that it’s easier to maintain.

7. Don’t rush

you start working towards your fitness goals, it’s tempting to put pressure on yourself and go
all out. However, you’ll have a better chance of accomplishing your goals if
you pace yourself along the way. Not only does taking a gentler approach help
you to stay motivated, but it also protects you against injury and burnout.
Regular gentle exercise is more effective than an intense training session once
a week.

8. Invest in a health coach

to reach your fitness
goals? Invest in a health coach or personal trainer. Professional
support helps to keep you on track when you’re facing challenges on your
fitness journey. These professionals have plenty of knowledge and advice that
allows you to get better and faster results.

9. Get support

out with other people helps you to stay disciplined. Joining a community of
like-minded people makes it easier to be enthusiastic about working out. You’ll
be able to share knowledge within the group and support each other through
difficult times.

10. Listen to your body

to your body and don’t exercise if you’re feeling sick. Resting will help you
recover quicker so that you can return fully committed to your fitness

11. Forgive yourself

to be gentle and love yourself is an important aspect of getting fit and healthy.
Don’t be hard on yourself if you miss a workout or eat an unhealthy meal every
once in a while. Forgive yourself and continue with your schedule the following

12. Don’t give up

you’ve deviated from your fitness schedule and you feel like a failure, don’t
give up. Rather revisit your goals and recommit yourself to achieving them. The
most successful people have gone through difficult patches and made mistakes,
but they picked themselves up and kept going rather than admitting defeat.

Reach Your Fitness Goals This Year | Junk Mail
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Now that you know how to reach your fitness goals this year, you can find affordable sports equipment for sale on Junk Mail.