Stephanie Eild

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Hey guys! My name is Stephanie Eild {Pronounced eye-ild}

I’m a Canadian cosplayer living the American dream who focuses on the erotic side of the cosplay realm. I love to travel and am Disney and Sanrio obsessed! I’m a larper, table top gamer, e girl and gamer babe when I have the time! Twitch streams coming soon!

I put a ton of creativity into my cosplays and I’m just starting to learn the art of armor building as well as sewing with the help of my assistant Kylo! I pride myself in creating my own costumes and props from scratch (with help) or by buying bits and pieces to alter and put together into a complete costume. I have nothing against the artists who buy full outfits off amazon, I just tend to appreciate the final product more if I’ve put my blood, sweat and tears into it. I do try my best to accommodate cosplay requests but I really try to study the character first to see if he/she fits my personality, or if he/she is from something that I play, read, or watch. If you have a cosplay suggestion, please let me know!

All photo and video content are high quality HD. Most of my sets and videos are taken by Kylo who is a published photographer! Check him out here:

BEHIND THE SCENES PICTURES/VIDEOS: Bts pics, clips and vlogs of photo shoots, traveling, and more!

PRINTS/POLAROIDS: I have a few levels that offer prints and polaroids. Please read through my levels to get specific information about this.

DIRECT MY COSPLAY: Left or right? This or that? Help me decide my cosplay bases! Very interactive and very sexy! I want to create content that you want to see!

FANSIGNS: Sexy digital fan sign with your name on it! Signs are uploaded the second last day month. Higher levels get your name on my body!

POLLS: I want to have as much communication with my crazy fanatics as possible! I will post polls so you can help me decide on future content I should create! Your input is so important! My goal is to entertain and keep you guys happy! I always try to read comments and private messages on other platforms and with Patreon we can get even closer! Come be a part of the experience!

KIK FOR LIFE: Have me at your fingertips 24/7! From flirty talks, pictures, general convos, cosplay advice and more! Please note you must pledge for 3 months consecutively to get life access. If you remove your pledge you will only have KIK access for the one month you pledged for.

MARCO POLO: Access to video chat with me! Can be sexy in nature, I don’t mind, however erotic content is not featured on this app.

GIFS: Sfw and nsfw gifs monthly!

NSFW SNAPCHAT FOR LIFE! Now I want to be clear on this so that there is no confusion. Certain tiers (levels) will get access to my NSFW snapchat that includes; daily lewd and nude photos, videos, behind the scenes content and everyday life stuff. I do my very best to respond to others on my snap. I DO allow screenshots and inappropriate pictures sent to me. My snapchat is for life. So even if you choose to remove your pledge you’ll be able to enjoy my snap content. This just makes it so much easier to keep track of you guys!  
TRAVEL BUNDLES: Each month I’m going somewhere and you’re coming with! Bundles included pics, clips and video content! Sometimes with guests! See level 8/8.5 for more information!

Note: I will always have everything uploaded by the second last day of the month. I have the entire month to release content! If you choose to remove your pledge before the second last day of the month you WILL NOT be able to see the rest of my content!