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Download the app here and take control of your pc remotely by voice

What is Assistant Computer Control?

AssistantComputerControl, or ACC for short, is a piece of free open source software that lets you do things on your computer using your Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant!

The application collaborates with IFTTT and your favorite cloud service (Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive) to connect your assistant with your computer. This software only works for Windows.

What can it do? – action list

ACC combines your Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa assistants and your computer – allowing you to do all sorts of things on your computer, using your voice!

As of the latest version, there are 28 actions!

  • Shutdown
  • Restart
  • Open
  • Open All
  • Sleep
  • Hibernate
  • Log Out
  • Lock
  • Mute
  • Unmute
  • Toggle Mute
  • Set Volume
  • Music next track
  • Music previous track
  • Music previous track x2
  • Music play
  • Music pause
  • Stop acc
  • Monitors off
  • Message box
  • Create file
  • Delete file
  • Append Text
  • Write out
  • Minimise all windows
  • Maximise all windows
  • Stop process
  • Move file / folder
  • Key shortcut