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JinxKittie Cosplay – Patreon has some stunning content creators

Sister of Battle

Follow this Cosplayer on patreon, she has some awesome things going on in her feed.


Hey guys! My name’s Kelsey. I am a South African cosplayer working under the alias JinxKittie Cosplay! I am a cosplayer with a penchant for complex cosplay builds and sexy boudoir/swimsuit cosplay adaptations!


Patreon is my main source of income, which allows me to keep doing what I’m doing! With each passing month I am able to do more and provide more content thanks to you guys! I’ve been able to fund my cosplay dream, travel to different countries, and create unique and exciting outfits and cosplays; and I hope to continue to do so and grow myself and my cosplay through this platform! <3 


I love sharing my experiences, mistakes and the things that I learn. Through Patreon, I can show you how I work – I can show you my techniques and guide you in your own projects! I write blogs on cosplays that I make, I send out pdf’s and patterns for the more complex projects, and manage a Discord channel in which we can discuss cosplay and whatnot! I also do full scale boudoir and swimsuit shoots which I share with those who enjoy that kind of thing! I put out 3 – 5 different boudoir shoots per month, with prints, full photosets, and postcards for each!

JinxKittieCosplay Patreon Page

JinxKittieCosplay Storenvy Page

JinxKittieCosplay Linktree Page

JinxKittieCosplay Home Page

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Jinxkittie Cosplay Patreon Has Some Stunning Content Creators

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